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China-lead IoT Network to Launch New Silk Road By  Ken Briodagh  July 31, 2017 ThingPark China, Xi'an Beilin District Science and Technology Bureau, and Shaanxi Radio and Television Network Group, have jointly announces a new agreement to launch an IoT network on the so-called ‘New Silk Road’ as part of Chinese President Xi’s $100 billion “Belt and Road” program, which aims to create a modern day version of the ancient Silk Road by driving commerce, connectivity and cooperation between nations. The first stage will be the launch of a test network spanning 23 square kilometers in the Xi’an District, the historic starting point of the Silk Road. The network will initially be used for environmental monitoring, unlocking the potential for huge social and economic benefits for the region. First announced in 2013, the Belt and Road scheme is intended to increase trade and stimulate growth across Asia and beyond by building land an

CPEC and policy initiatives August 01, 2017/ 1 Comment The former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said in a party meeting he chaired to choose his successor, that the Chinese government initiated CPEC project in Pakistan because of him. Considering the pressure, in the wake of his unceremonious ouster, one can ignore this beguiling of self for the time being. However, since the PML-N government is still in control of the parliament with a new prime minister, the misconception about CPEC being a special favour to Nawaz Sharif needs to be addressed and possibly stripped out. The CPEC project could have begun in the Nawaz Sharif era, but its seeds were sown much earlier. The PPP too, had its share of effort in the fruition of the project. It is a typical tendency, in Pakistan, to take credit of owning the whole pie, if someone happens to make a substantial last minute contribution to complete the product. Just as Nawaz Sharif takes the credit for mak

Balochistan: 4 killed, 4 abducted and 6 released by military

(Daily Sangar)on 31 July 2017, from Hoshab district Kech, Balochistan Hanif Faqir, resident of Hoshab district Kech has been abducted by the Pakistani security forces. Pakistani security forces started a military operation in Kenechi, Chumbar and Karki villages of Kolwah district Awaran on 29 July 2017 which is still ongoing. During the operation, two gunship helicopters started intense shelling on the mountains of Kenechi area, locals say. Security forces, during house-to-house search, beaten up and tortured the villagers. After looting all the valuables from the houses, including several motorbikes of the civilians, forces built a bunker in the area. Four civilians have been killed, including two brothers, Shakir Shad Yar Mohammad and Hasil Yar Mohammad. Others killed were Sadiq Soben, residents of Kenechi Kolwah and Majid Razai resident of Kolwahi Bazar Apsor, Turbat district Kech, Balochistan. The area is still under military siege. On 30 July 2017, from Nizrabad, Tump distri

Gwadar sans water

https :// Water shortage in Gwadar 89     In 2008, the then provincial government decided to install four desalination plants in the region for making sea water drinkable. It was a beacon of hope for the people and they thought that this will solve the water shortage problem of the district on a permanent basis. In 2014, the work on the project started, but it immediately came to a halt. The authorities said that because of unavailability of engineers, work on the plants couldn’t be carried forward. Gwadar is facing a lot of problems because of shortage of water. Residents have to buy water from tankers, which are too expensive for majority of people. No doubt, Gwadar is most likely to play a vital role in CPEC projects, but unfortunately, so far the biggest problem of Gwadar remains unsolved. It is shocking that this city – which is important for the country’s economic growth – doesn’t have access to clean drinking. Drinking water

Two held after FC thwarts major terror plot in Balochistan July 31, 2017   By: Samaa Web Desk Two suspects were arrested on Monday after Frontier Corps (FC) on Monday thwarted a major terrorist attack in Balochistan, the Inter-Services Public Relations ( ISPR ) said. “[The] FC foiled the terrorist activity by recovering 2,000 kilograms of explosives from a vehicle through an special intelligence-based operation in Spin Tezha, Killa Abdullah,” the military’s media wing said in a statement. Pakistan Army launched Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad across the country in February this year in response to continuing terror wave, which claimed more than 100 lives. The operation is aimed at “indiscriminately eliminating the residual/latent threat of terrorism”, consolidating the gains made in other military operations. – SAMAA


["V0ICE 0F BAL0CH LATEST "] 1'AUG 2017 --- TUMP:~ Nizarabad Aur Malikabad Ko Alah Subah Qabiz Army Ne Muhasirey Men Lekar Khawateen O Bachon Ko Tashadud Ka Neshana Banakar Kai Baloch Farzindon Ko Aghwa Kar Liya, Jabke Elaqe Men Forces Ke Shelling Se Ek Baloch Farzind Ki Zakhmi Hone Ki Bhi Itlaath, Mazeed Malomath Jaari.! :: ["TUMP/REP"] ["V0ICE 0F BAL0CH LATEST"] 1'AUG 2017 --- TUMP:~ Malikabad Men Qabiz Pakistani Army Ki Firing Se Dasht Ke Riyaishe Ek Baloch Farzind Shaheed.! :: ["TUMP/REP"] ["V0ICE 0F BAL0CH LATEST"] 1'AUG 2017 --- TUMP:~ Malik Abad Men Qabiz Pakistani Army Ne Operation Kar Ke Khawateen O Bachon Ko Tashadud Ka Neshana Banakar "Sattar S/o Mohmmad R/o Kudan Dasht" Ko Shaheed, Jabke {Shezad S/o Mohmad Noor, Nadeem, Abbas S/o Haji Qayyum, Iqbal Burosh, Dil'Murad S/o Qadir Dad} Ko Aghwa Kar Liya.! :: ["TUMP/REP"] ["V0ICE 0F BAL0CH LATEST"] @ HOSHIYAR @

Disqualification of prime minister increases policy uncertainty: Moody's   Last Updated On  01 August,2017  About 29 minutes ago Credit implications depend on impact on government reforms, Moody's stated. (Dunya News) - Credit rating agency Moody  on Tuesday reported that Nawaz Sharif s disqualification by the Supreme Court in Panama Papers case poses risks to policy continuity. If heightened political uncertainty and strife among the various branches of government disrupt the administration s economic and fiscal agenda, macroeconomic stability and the government s access to external finance could be impaired, weighing on Pakistan s credit profile. The investigation into Nawaz Sharif followed the 2015 publication of the “Panama Papers,” which disclosed his children s vast and previously unreported wealth. According to media reports, the Supreme Court ruling includes an order for the National Accountability Bureau to initiate further investigations into the for