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What these Sardars would do differently

The real question is what these sardars would do differently if they were to have all the power... They treat ordnary baloch as their slavesAlso  these Sardars call themselves 'sardars' as if they  are some sort of monarchsYou cannot brush under the carpet the role of Baloch politicians and sardar's who are as equal to blame for Baluchistan's lack of progress as the federation of Pakistan. Since 2008 in Baluchistan the government is in hand of one or another baloch sardars (11 out of 14 ministers are Sardars) who themselves enjoy lavish Life in Karachi and Islamabad and doing nothing for the people. Name  a single project or a work done by these politicians, you do not need money for every thing, there should be some will and interest in fixing the common issues of people which always lacked in Baloch leadership who are rivals among themselves and this sardari system has destroyed Baluchistan for decades.The tribal lords and sardars, now with their kids now educated fr…

Response to Banari Mengal ,Daughter of Sardar Akhtar Mengal

AnonymousBalochI read the article of Banari Mengal, daughter of Sardar Akhtar Mengal. On one side she is crying for justice from Pakistan but on the other hand she closes her eyes over his father's complicity and treacherous attitude that have contributed to the Baloch disunity and suffering due to his Sardari narrow minded sick mentality. She needs to figure out how to fix that Sardari attitude and mentality before she shed crocodile tears for Baloch nation. It is pity to see her father Akhtar Mengal is joining hands with extremist Mullah JUI party to win the next election instead of joining hands with the Baloch nationalist parties to strengthen the Baloch bonds and unity.How long they are going to fool the ordinary Baloch people with their dirty and ugly games for power grabbing?Talking about exhausting all available options inside Pakistan for resolving Baloch issue, we Baloch have no hopes on Pakistan Institutions. All institutions of Pakistan including the Parliament, Senate…

Pakistan Can’t Afford China’s ‘Friendship’

Pakistan's elites think Chinese cash can save the country. They're wrong.14 HOURS AGOCATEGORIES: ARGUMENTC. Christine FairIn recent months, the Chinese-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has left Pakistanis emboldened, Indians angry, and U.S. analysts worried. Ostensibly, CPEC will connect Pakistan to China’s western Xinjiang province through the development of vast new transportation and energy infrastructure. The project is part of China’s much-hyped Belt and Road Initiative, a grand, increasingly vague geopolitical plan bridging Eurasia that China’s powerful President Xi Jinping has promoted heavily.Pakistani and Chinese officials boast that CPEC will help address Pakistan’s electricity generation problem, bolster its road and rail networks, and shore up the economy through the construction of special economic zones. But these benefits are highly unlikely to materialize. The …

Sahiwal power plant belies propaganda against CPEC projects, says Shahbaz

The Newspaper's Staff ReporterPublished 7 minutes ago

LAHORE: As probe into Panama case enters its final stages, the PML-N seems to have toughened its stance against its political rivals, leaving no opportunity to criticise them for what it says “creating hurdles in the path of progress”.And the inauguration of the 1320MW coal-fired power plant at Sahiwal on Monday was no exception.On the occasion, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif played a vital role in further strengthening Pak-China friendship, but some elements, which overtly supported the friendship, opposed it covertly.“They (such elements) left no stone unturned to heap negative propaganda against CPEC projects. Our opponents and critics (had) claimed that these projects would not be materialised, but due to the grace of Almighty Allah, this mega CPEC project is providing 1320-megawatt electr…

Tried to persuade Brahamdagh to come to Pakistan: Bizenjo

July 04, 2017QUETTA - The National Party-led Balochistan coalition government tried to persuade Brahamdagh Bugti to end exile through dialogue, claimed President of National Party Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo on Monday.The National Party President – who is also Minister for Ports and Shipping – said while talking in Quetta Press Club (QPC) programme ‘Haal Ahwal’. NP Secretary Information Jan Muhammad Buledi and President QPC Raza Rehman were also present.“We took initiative when we were assigned the responsibility to hold dialogue with dissident Baloch leaders after coming into power,” said Bizenjo, “And we tempted Brahumadagh Bugti for coming back to Pakistan but due to change in government the process could not be continued.”He said he did not know that talks were still on in this regard. Bizenjo said they had informed Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif about the process of dialogue with dissid…

Pakistan uses Islamic State for opium-fueled ethnic cleansing

They are the modern-day Einsatzgruppen, the paramilitary SS death squads, who traveled in the wake of the German armies and killed so-called "undesirable" elements like Jews and Gypsies as well as partisans fighting against Nazi Germany.
Lashkar-e-Khorasan or "Army of Khorasan" is an Islamic State affiliate in Balochistan, where Khorasan represents parts of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.
It is not so much an army, nor are they regents of large swathes of territory, but a gaggle of street thugs restricted to a barren area of southwest Pakistan, who kill in the name of religion just as the Nazis killed in the name of National Socialism.
Lashkar-e-Khorasan is part of a narco-terrorist network, fueled by the opium trade and operates with the tacit approval of the Pakistan government.
Historically, the motivation of the countless number of home-grown Pakistani Islamic terrorist groups has been the Sunni-Shia con…

Picture of the day: Baloch kids

Update from Ground

2'JULY 2017
Iran Se Karachi Jane Wale Dromber Trailer Par Washuk Naag Ke Maqam Par Namaloom Musllah Afrad Ka Hamla, Jes Se Trailer Ko Noqsan Poucha, Jabke Trailer Ke Driver Ko Geriftar Kar Ke Apne Sath Le Gahe.!
2'JULY 2017
Baloch Sarmacharon Ne Hafthe Ke Roz Kech Ke Elaqe Balgatar Sahaki Men Fauji Chowki Par  Sniper Rifle Hamla Kiya, Chowki Men Maujood 1 Ehlkar Ke Elawa Chowki Ki Janib Jane Wale 2 Ehlkaron Ko Bhi Nishana Banaya, Sniper Hamle Men 2 Ehlkar Halak Howe, Balgatar Men Fauji Camp Aur Chowkian CPEC Ki Hifazat Ke Liye Banai Gai Hain Jahan FWO Tameerati Kamon Men Masroof Hai.!
["BLF Tarjuman Guhram Baloch"]
1'JULY 2017
Malar Men Qabiz Pakistani Army Ne  BNM K Markazi Labour And Fishries K Secretary {Waja Chief Aslam Baloch} K Family Ko Aun'K Ghar Se Nikal Diya, &am…

Op Radd-ul-Fasaad: Eight suspects arrested from Balochistan

ByGEO NEWSSunday Jul 02, 2017
QUETTA: Eight suspects belonging to a proscribed organisation were caught on Sunday from Balochistan’s Kohlu district, according to Inter-Services Public Relations statement.The Army’s media wing said that the Frontier Corps conducted a search operation in the district's Surian Kor area, under the ongoing military Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad.According to the ISPR, three SMGs, five rifles, 18 magazines, and thousands of rounds were recovered from the suspects’ possession.The ISPR added that the arrested suspects were involved in planting an improvised explosive device on a railway track in Machh area.Balochistan - Pakistan's largest province in terms of land area - has been plagued by an insurgency and sectarian killings for several years now. However, security forces have conducted effective operations across the province cracking down on militants.This has led …

Indian frustration with CPEC

One would have thought that the world’s largest democracy was simply too diverse a polity to allow the extreme-right kind of irrationality that Modi has brought to Delhi  03-Jul-17by Yousaf Rafiq

If it weren’t apparent before, it’s quite in-your-face now. Not only will India not be part of CPEC, but it will oppose it. One could make a rational argument out of one of New Delhi concerns — that the entire project could put untenable debt burdens on the countries involved. True, investment is always a double-edged sword. Just ask the entrepreneurs who were going long and investing big just before the great recession of ’08. Their investments didn’t quite pan out, but that does not diminish the argument, nor practice, of progressive debt based investment. That was, after all, how the entire western market, not to mention western culture, was built.But the other objection, which really rattles New Delhi, is its core conce…

CPEC And Special Economic Zones SEZs – OpEd
 June 30, 2017By Sadia Kazmi*Special Economic Zones or SEZs are considered significant specifical for the industrial development of a country. Industrial development provides the firm standing on which any country can hope to reap long term economic benefits. At the same time it is important that the SEZs are based on the export oriented business/trade development. SEZs are the specific regions identified and demarcated with the sole aim of bolstering economic activity. The aim is achieved through offering various incentives to the foreign investors such as tax and duty exemptions. This idea is now being practiced all across the globe in various countries and is contributing greatly to their respective economic growth.Pakistan today, under CPEC, has entered the Industrialization phase. Even though in the past also Pakistan was mindful of establishing these zones and tried to establish the SEZs but the atte…