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Hind Baloch Forum: Naela Quadri message to Indians

Hope it will move the Indian Government and the people of India to come for the rescues of Baloch people instead of just making forum to irritate Pakistan to kill more Baloch. đź”· Prof.Naela Quadri Baloch video message on the occasion of the first seminar of Hind Baloch Forumheld in Agra, India. The title if the seminar ,  Role of India in Baloch Freedom struggle

Profile: Raheem Baksh Baloch


C. CHRISTINE FAIRJUNE 21, 2017For special access to experts and other members of the national security community, check out the new War on the Rocks membership.FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInFor the last 16 years, the Washington policy community has debated how the United States should deal with its problematic partner in its war in Afghanistan: Pakistan.  During the Obama administration, there was a growing consensus that Pakistan was the problem, even if there was no agreement on how to manage it. Despite disagreements, at the end of the Obama administration, there was a grudging acknowledgment that the Washington needed to show some real stick while pulling back on the carrots. In apparent protest to this growing conviction that a more coercive suite of policies is needed, on June 16, Steve Hadley and Moeed Yusuf argued in The New York Timesthat any successful U.S. strategy in A…

US Baloch people disappointed by Akhtar Mengal

Many Baloch were disappointed by the attitude of Akhtar Mengal for not meeting Baloch in US during his on going trip, below is a comment by a Baloch"I am really disappointed that Sardar Akhtar Sahib comes to D.C and did not even bother to meet few Baloch here. What kind of impression it gives to Pakistanis that our prominent Baloch leader from a prominent party visits US Capitol and could not get time to meet his own people. Despite my calls to Dr Tarachand and Akram, I had no luck. Previously in 2001 Elder Sardar Saheb came and we were honored to be host to him. I as Baloch very disappointed by this attitude."

CPEC is BRI’s best performing project: Chinese envoy

CPEC’s 19 early harvest projects worth $18.5 billion are making smooth progress towards completion.By APP -June 21, 20170Islamabad: Zhao Lijian, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad Zhao Lijian Tuesday said China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was one of the best performing projects of his country’s Belt and Road Initiative. He was speaking at a conference on `Belt and Road Initiative and CPEC’ organized by Strategic Vision Institute (SVI), an Islamabad based think tank, on the occasion of the inauguration of its (SVI’s) China Studies Center.Lijian said CPEC was the “fastest and most effective” among the projects being undertaken as part of BRI. CPEC’s 19 early harvest projects worth $18.5 billion, he said, were making smooth progress towards completion. The multi-billion dollar CPEC project, which is being jointly undertaken by Pakistan and China, prioritizes de…

Need for timely implementation of CPEC projects stressed
ISLAMABAD: Senior officials associated with China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) have called for enhanced security measures for timely completion and implementation of projects.“Effective and timely implementation of CPEC projects is crucial … the importance of internal security environment, especially in areas where CPEC projects are being undertaken is of paramount importance,” Planning Division Secretary Shoaib Siddiqi said at a conference organised by the Strategic Vision Institute (SVI) during the inauguration of China Studies Centre.Meanwhile, CPEC Project Director Hassan Daud Butt called for “doubling the efforts to eradicate terrorism”.The government has already set up a Special Security Division (SSD) comprising 15,000 personnel from Army and civilian law enforcement agencies for the safety and security of the projects.ARTICLE CONTINUES AFTER ADThe SSD has deployed its personnel on fo…

Is CPEC a rebranded Chinese adaptation of the East India Trading Company?

A man hangs decorations next to a banner showing Pakistan’s President Mamnoon Hussain (L), Chinese President Xi Jinping (C) and Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, before Xi’s visit to Islamabad April 19, 2015. PHOTO: REUTERSThe propositionthat the currently under wayChina-Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC) is in fact a rebranded Chinese adaptation of the East India Trading Company is certainly fraught with massive inconsistencies.As has been prudently observed by many before me, it is highly unlikely that the Chinese state is going to use the garb of trade to forcefully occupy Pakistan, seize administrative control and establish a colony as a jewel in some sort of neo-Maoist Empire. Notwithstanding the ineptness of the Chinese at duplicating western artifacts, this might be a step too far, even for them.The simple corollary of these observations is that any attempts to d…

CPEC to set new strategic doctrine: President
ISLAMABAD: President Mamnoon Hussain on Wednesday said China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in view of its regional and global impact would necessitate a new strategic doctrine. Addressing at the graduation ceremony of National Security and War Course 2017 here at the National Defence University (NDU), the President said the vision of ‘One Belt, One Road’ had laid the foundation of far-reaching changes at global scenario. President Mamnoon said the objective of Pakistan’s creation was promotion of peace and stability in the world. He mentioned that wars and other circumstances disrupted the achievement of national goals and emphasized that terrorism was one of the major challenges. However, he said, the resilience of nation and the national institutions helped overcome these challenges successfully. He said Operations Zarb-e-Azb and Radd-ul-Fasaad would ensure stability and make Pakistan a citadel of peace. The Presid…