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The Silk Road to Nowhere

http :// 24.05.2017 The Silk Road to Nowhere Russia in the Asia-Pacific China’s Way 瞭華 Alexander  Gabuev It will take years for Russia to increase trade with China. To do so, Russia will need to strengthen its institutions, overcome non-tariff barriers to the Chinese market, and enhance its reputation among Chinese investors. On May 14–15, 28 heads of state, including Vladimir Putin, attended the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing, an event that was supposed to showcase the success of Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s Silk Road revival. It didn’t.  The joint declaration issued at the conclusion of the forum is rife with platitudes about supporting the common good and opposing evil that were included to assuage fears that China is using the initiative to drag other countries into its sphere of influence. Instead, Beijing came off as disingenuous. Perhaps most importantly, the Belt and Road Initiative suffers from a lack of pe


[''V0ICE 0F BAL0CH LATEST "] --- 🔴 MASHKEY :~ Guzishta Roz Nokjo Se Qabiz Pakistani Army & Death'Squad K Ehlkar'on Ne 4'Baloch Farzind'on { Habib S/O Fateh Muhammad, Zareef S/O Fateh Muhammad, Abdul Wahid S/O Rasool Bux, Ijaz S/O Saet Noora} Ko Aghwa Kar Liya, Ehl'e Khana Ki Janib Se Apne Azeez'on Ki Baziyabi K Liye Camp K Samne Ehtejaj Kiye Magar Shikest'Khurda Army Ne Aun K Aghwa K Mutauliq La'Taluqi Ka Izhar Kiya Giya...! :: ["MASHKEY/REP"] --- 🔴AWARAN:~ Main Bazar Qabiz Army K Main Camp Men Riyasati Helecopters K Landing K Liye "Red Balloon" Lagae Gae Hain, Sangat Hoshiyar Rahen...! :: ["AWARAN/REP"]

Pakistan to acquire 3 AEW&C to boost counter terror operations in BALOCHISTAN

🔴 Pakistan to acquire 3  airborne early warning and control system (AEW&C) from SAAB , it provides access to a detailed situational awareness that for example can be uvsed for border surveillance, search and rescue operations and for tackling terrorism and organised crime. Pakistan  would use this against Baloch rebels in restive province of Balochistan.

How German Freighter DHL Was Literally A Trailblazer For China's New Silk Road MAY 31, 2017 @ 08:56 AM456  Wade Shepard  ,    CONTRIBUTOR I travel to emerging markets around Asia and report on what I find.   A cyclist rides his bike past a DHL Worldwide Express advertisement in Shanghai, China, on Monday, Nov. 26, 2007. Photographer: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg News. The New Silk Road — the matrix of emerging transportation routes, development projects, trade deals, customs unions, and political initiatives to better connect countries from China to Europe — is at root an inter-governmental affair. But while governments are assembling a skeletal framework of enhanced trans-Eurasian trade the meat of the project must come from the private sector. If all of those new rail lines, ports and special economic zones are to really come alive, companies looking to make a profit must be enticed to jump in. DHL, the German freight forwarding giant, was one of  the

Setback in Sri Lanka for China’s silk road Police clash with demonstrators during a protest against the launching of a Chinese industrial zone by China Merchants Port Holdings Company, in Mirijjawila, Sri Lanka January 7, 2017. Photo: Reuters SRI LANKA OBOR Beijing needs to take to heart the lessons from opposition to its 'win-win' largesse By  DÁNIEL BALÁZS JUNE 1, 2017 8:46 AM (UTC+8) 0 0 China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative sets the bar high. It strives to connect Asia, Africa and Europe with the aim of achieving mutual development. Sri Lanka, with its valuable position in the heart of the Indian Ocean, is a crucial participant in Beijing’s newest endeavor. But China-Sri Lanka ties seemed to reach a low point when in January 2017 violent protests  erupted  in which people expressed opposition to an industrial zone project funded by Beijing. This turbulent and unpredictable bilateral engagement provides China a valuable lesson for buildin

Letter , quote of the day Sir:  The executive director of Higher Education Commission (HEC) Dr Arshad has urged the universities to benefit from various HEC initiatives like Technology Development Fund, National Research Programme for Universities and University-Industry Technology Support Programme and underlined the significance of university-industry linkages. He also stressed on the need for planned collaboration among both the sectors. The businessmen and industrialists stated that they can make arrangements to train and provide internship opportunities to the university students and final year students may be sent to the industry for training. However, in Balochistan around 13 different minerals are being extracted and all of them are exported in raw form without domestic processing and extracting a mineral and exporting it in raw form requires 80 per cent investment and the profit is only 20 per cent whereas transforming a raw m

Balochistan is more peaceful now, claims CM World No Tobacco Day June 01, 2017 QUETTA -  Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri said Wednesday that province was more peaceful than past on account of government’s untiring efforts. Addressing a media conference at Chief Minister’s House he said in past peace scrapers were stronger than the peacekeepers but situation was different now. “We have dismantled the largest network of terrorism in Balochistan by apprehending a notorious operative, Saeed Ahmed, in a recent operation,” claimed Sanaullah Zehri. On the occasion, head of Hasni tribe, Sardar Sherbaz Khan Muhammad Hasni and Mir Haider Muhammad Hasni joined the ranks of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N). Zehri was flanked by provincial ministers and MPAs. Commending the newcomers, the chief minister hoped that they would utilise their energies to convey party message to every nook and corner of the province. “There is no r

Is China about to gobble up Pakistan? Last week China convened an historic gathering. It was barely noticed in our media. World leaders gathered in Beijing to hear about China’s  One Belt One Road  initiative. It is a new land and maritime Silk Route to connect the world, with China at its hub. Nearly 70 country heads participated, including Russia’s Putin, Turkey’s Erdogan and most of Asia and Africa. The next gathering in Beijing is slated for 2019. China is flexing its economic might and is budgeting more than  a trillion US dollars  towards this ambitious plan which it hopes will result in a new paradigm for the world. Pakistan – A Major Satellite for China’s Ambitions A key ingredient of China’s initiative is CPEC – the   China Pakistan Economic Corridor . China will inject more than $60 billion dollars into building a massive corridor connecting Kashgar, the Himalayan Chinese town in the Muslim ma

Pakistani, Chinese workers hired in CPEC projects Gwadar Port being equipped with huge warehouse, exhibition Amanullah Khan Karachi Brushing aside the perception that only Chinese workers are engaged in CPEC projects, Wang Dong Director General of Linyi Trade City has said that they are already working in Gwadar on a project where they have built an Exhibition Center of 6000 sq. m and a Warehouse of 140,000 sq. m. Wang Dong, leading a high powered Chinese Delegation said this during the visit of Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Karachi. He disclosed that the project at Gwadar Port is towards completion and the workforce includes Chinese and Pakistani men, and perception spread that only Chinese have been hired by Chinese companies working on CPEC projects and in Gwadar is a devoid of truth. Mr. Wang Dong showed his interest in signing MoU with FPCCI for mutual cooperation in Trade, Investment and increasing import and export between

Let’s be wary of China’s New Silk Road Updated: May 31, 2017 21:34 IST | G PARTHASARATHY Now’s the time for India to join hands with Japan, the US and the EU to promote alternatives to Chinese economic exploitation ✔China has got accustomed to violating India’s territorial integrity in Jammu & Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh. ✔It transgresses international norms by supplying Pakistan with know how and designs of nuclear weapons and missiles. ✔Its provocative behaviour includes protests over visits by Indian dignitaries to Arunachal. 🔴China , meanwhile welcomes political figures from POK and Gilgit-Baltistan on official visits. Beijing also seeks to undermine India’s relations with South Asian neighbours such as Sri Lanka, Nepal, the Maldives and Bangladesh, backing politicians and political parties known to be less than friendly to India. Finally, a studied reaction New Delhi is, however, now reacting in a m

China lauds commissioning of 1st power plant under CPEC in Pakistan By:  PTI  | Beijing |Published On: May 31, 2017 11:45 Pm China on Wednesday welcomed the inauguration of the first unit of Sahiwal Coal Power Plant in Punjab Province. (Reuters/ File Photo) China on Wednesday welcomed the inauguration of a coal-fired power plant under the multi-billion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in electricity-starved Pakistan, saying it will benefit the people in the country. “It is estimated that most of the power projects will be completed preceding the year 2019, easing lack of energy in Pakistan, which will benefit the people,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told reporters at Beijing. She welcomed the inauguration of the first unit of Sahiwal Coal Power Plant in Punjab Province. At present 17 priority projects were under construction under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The power plant, which is

BNM Mengal Group established two death squad camps ?

Sources in Balochistan say BNP Mengal group Aktar Mengal's party established two death squad camps fo r searching and killing of Baloch freedom fighters. One death squad camp is established in Dasht Goran, Kalat district under headship of Kamber Khan Mengal who is senior member of BNP . Another camp is established in Jahoo , Awaran District under headship of Mula Baksh Mahmmad Hassani he is also important member of BNP . 🔷In return the  ISI will reward Akhtar Mengal  next Chief Ministership of Balochistan .

Pakistan: Abuses in mineral-rich Balochistan province 30 May 2011  From the section South  Asia These are external links and will open in a new window Share Image captionLike most Baloch people, Habibullah is deeply immersed in local culture and traditions The deaths of at least 1,000 people since March 2008 in the ongoing nationalist insurgency in the volatile Pakistani province of Balochistan have often been overshadowed by the country's other troubles. Yet as the BBC's Syed Shoaib Hasan discovered, the suffering there is every bit as acute. Getting to the vast Baloch tribal settlement of New Kahan is not easy. It is tightly guarded by a ring of checkpoints. We slip quietly past through a gravel path with help from a local guide. New Kahan is home to thousands of tribal Baloch people. The Baloch rebel anthem plays as children gather for assembly. Desperate poverty Habibullah, an 11-year-old recites passionate a

China’s pension fund to join the new Silk Road investment spree The National Social Security Fund says it has a pipeline of deals, but is under growing pressure to expand its assets amid an ageing population Daniel Ren UPDATED : Wednesday, 31 May 2017, 8:14AM  1 China’s 2 trillion yuan (US$290 billion) national pension fund will hop onto the country’s new Silk Road bandwagon, joining other state-backed institutions to seek lucrative deals along the route. Wang Zhongmin, a vice-chairman of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), said the fund would take a go-slow and low-key approach, but he conceded that a bag of investment deals are in the pipeline. “We will do investments along the route,” he told the  South China Morning Post  . “We are resolute in going abroad, but I can’t disclose details of the projects and investment figures.” The NSSF, a reserve fund used to supplement local pension pools, will follow on the heels of th

China to support Silk Road, other projects AFP | PTI | Frankfurt Am Main May 31, 2017 04:19 PM IST The logo of Deutsche Bank is seen at its headquarters ahead of the bank's annual general meeting in Frankfurt, Germany. Deutsche Bank, Germany's biggest lender, said on Wednesday it would support three billion dollars' worth of development projects in partnership with China Development Bank (CDB). "CDB and Deutsche Bank agreed to work together over the next five years with an aim of supporting projects worth $3.0 billion," the group said in a statement, published as Chinese premier Li Keqiang visits Berlin. The two banks signed a memorandum of understanding expressing "interest in promoting the renminbi's internationalisation and in financing economic cooperation between China, Germany and other Belt and Road Initiative countries," the statement

CPEC: Hope for a prosperous tomorrow Iqbal Khan IT will be an oversimplification to say that current era is of geo-economics, at best geo-economics are striving to find a reasonably safe passage through planet’s overly geo-politicized and securitized landscape. Even though one wishes that geo-economics take precedence over geo-politics, requisite processes have a long way to go. One belt one road (OBOR) is struggling to find its way to envisioned destinations. An early operationalization of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) last year, a flagship project of OBOR, has provided stimulus for early completion of remaining OBOR, which is a multi-trillion dollar programme spread over, may be, a century. Some Western diplomats have expressed unease as they perceive the initiative as a venture to promote Chinese influence globally. It has been reported that probably attendance by Russian President Putin and some other leaders whose countries have a poor human rights t

Joint exploration in South China Sea: Proposal for third silk route By  AJ Press Published: May 31, 2017 | No Comments By: Former Speaker Jose C. de Venecia , Jr. In Beijing, we said we were honoured to be asked to speak before the great Beijing Forum, for we subscribe to the founding principle of President Xi Jin Ping’s historic revival and expansion of China’s legendary Silk Road—which links today’s Europe, the Middle East, and Asia much as its history and legend had linked them during the classical period. From their beginnings—in the glory days of the Han Dynasty in the East and the Roman Empire in the West—the linkages between our countries and even those of parts of Africa had ranged beyond the exchange of material goods. Commerce, culture, civilization From the beginning, East-West trade transcended the limits of commerce. From the beginning, it was also East-West cultural exchange; and the two-way technology transfer stimulated by that t

Deutsche Bank to invest in Belt and road initiative Deutsche Bank (XETRA: DBKGn.DE / NYSE:DB) China Development Bank (CDB) and Deutsche Bank signed a Memorandum of Understanding at a ceremony in Berlin. The two parties expressed their interest in promoting the renminbi's (RMB) internationalization and in financing economic cooperation between China, Germany and other Belt & Road Initiative (B&R) countries. The Belt & Road Initiative is a development strategy proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping. It focuses on cooperation between Eurasian countries, primarily China, the land-based Silk Road Economic Belt and the oceangoing Maritime Silk Road. Many Chinese state leaders, including Premier Li Keqiang who is currently visiting Germany, have promoted this policy initiative across the world over the past several years. As part of the Memorandum of Understanding, CDB and Deutsche Bank agr

Chinese firm gets nod for setting up power plant By  Our Correspondent Published: May 31, 2017 PHOTO: REUTERS ISLAMABAD :  A Chinese company has got initial approval for setting up a 300-megawatt imported coal-based power plant in Gwadar, which is part of the $57 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) comprising scores of energy and infrastructure projects. The Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB) has issued a Letter of Interest to China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) for developing the power project in the port city of Balochistan. China to invest $50b to develop Indus River Cascade ADVERTISEMENT In this regard, PPIB Managing Director Shah Jahan Mirza and CCCC Vice President Xu Jun signed a document. Now, the company will seek tariff approval from the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) and start construction work after achieving financial close. CPEC’s Joint Cooperation Committee and the PPIB boar

Gwadar’s water woes 31-May-17by  DailyTimes   Balochistan is suffering once more. Water shortages have yet again hit the port city of Gwadar, pushing residents on to the streets to protest the government’s failure in tackling the crisis. Where the civvies failed the big boys of the Pakistan Navy were on hand to save the day, supplying some 1,200 tonnes of drinking water. Gwadar is a port city. By definition it is surrounded by sea. Yet in today’s Pakistan — the poorest of all the country’s provinces has been robbed of self-determination to such an extent that it is dependent on having water being trucked in from other areas. Sadly, this is nothing new. The Pakistani state, over the years, has done little to address Gwadar’s water crisis. Indeed, it has provided only a single desalination plant for the populations of the city and adjoining areas. In 2008, the then provincial government had decided to install four desalination plants in G