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Navy providing fool-proof security to Gwadar Port March 17, 2017      Balochis joining force in large number. Salahuddin Haider Gwadar The trust reposed by the government in Pakistan Navy’ capabilities to be the guardians of seas, rose to the occasion to honour its commitment, and has built a fool-proof security for the Gwadar Port, which is going to assume extraordinary significance in the development of the region. It was heart-warming to know that Balochis in large number are joining the Navy, and by now some 1000 of them have already become part of a force which is committed to guard the country’s sea lanes. In fact one of the officers has already acquired the rank of Commodore, equivalent to Brigadier, which is one-star General. A visit to the place revealed that Navy has been entrusted with the task of protecting the Gwadar port in Balochistan, while Army has taken over the stupendous task of protecting the entire area. A media till, flown to the

Minister denies special incentives for foreign companies under CPEC ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for planning, development and reforms Ahsan Iqbal on Friday rejected the propaganda that only Chinese companies can invest in special economic zones (SEZs) under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The minister said no special incentives were given to foreign companies and organisations for operations in Pakistan to ensure the protection of domestic industries.  Speaking on an adjournment motion in the Senate, moved by Senator Ateeq Sheikh and later on talking to the media, the minister said a working group has been established with regards to setting up of economic zones under CPEC. This established working group would take on board all relevant stakeholders in the process of finalising a business model and developing a framework for investment in the SEZs. He explained that the working group was consulting in detail the officials of all rele

Derabugti operations

On March 17, 2005 Pakistan again started 5th operation in Occupied Balochistan, resulting 73 dead including women and children, 33 of them were our Bugti Hindus. Source: Please Share and Help the voice of Humanity

Pictures of the day

Balochistan (Hingul National Park). Mahata Mata only Hindus from the local area of ​​Baluchistan occupied from Iran, what surprised me is the existence of the Vedic (Tantric reading) rituals even in this forgotten region by us. We have forgotten because we do not fight. The days will not be far to lose more than the known scared places. Why Hindus cut off contact with Indians in Balochistan

CPEC: China approves huge infrastructure projects for Xinjiang BEIJING : The Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region will invest heavily in more high-speed railways and highways to build a high-quality transportation network that can truly support the Belt and Road Initiative. The region has decided to inject record funding of 170 billion yuan ($24.8 billion) into new roads, up nearly six fold from 2016, and investment in roads, railways and airports this year will top the total funding for transportation infrastructure from 2011 to 2015. "Poor transportation infrastructure is the biggest obstacle for Xinjiang to become China's trade hub linking countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt," Shokrat Zakir, chairman of the region, said on Sunday. Northwest China's Xinjiang borders eight countries, including Pakistan and Kazakhstan with a border of more than 5,600 kilometers. Xinjiang was once a key transportation and trade hub on

Owners from Gilgit-Baltistan reluctant to surrender land for CPEC ANI | Islamabad [Pakistan] Mar 17, 2017 02:19 PM IST Some land owners have filed a complaint before Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif against the forced acquisition of the land they inherited for the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project by the Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) administration. The land in question, which is surrounded by the Himalayas and the Karakoram and Hindu Kush ranges, has been selected for the Special Economic Zone of CPEC. According to the Dawn, the complaint filed by Shah Jehan Mushapa and other residents of the Maqpon Das Village in the Denyuore tehsil in Gilgit says that the GB bureaucracy had in order to please their rival tribe forcibly acquired their land, which had been under their possession for generations. According to the complaint, the locals were given rights of the land in 1893. It says the GB administration had rece

The Baloch disunity and failures

20:50 The Baloch disunity and failures… By: Dr. Jumma Marri Baloch I feel Baloch are wasting their time and resources by these so called unnoticeable conferences, since I do not see any new faces around these tables, same old friendly few guys meet and have a good time some food and photos shows. Nothing new in there, since people are same the topics of discussions and issues are same. As I have noticed the outnumbered severely resource restricted Baloch community could not unite and help each other, every group tried to counter each other in holding their own so called side events conferences at Geneva, the event holders were BRP, BNM, Baloch voice and others individuals that is pity that they even ignored each other and tried to reduce and counter each other’s efforts as nonexistence.   Reading same old rhetoric in front of each other and agreeing with each other with already known topics and problems means waste of time, later gather around the broken chair and holding same