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Kashmir dispute : Heart of India's Opposition to CPEC In dia’s opposition to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) stems from its fear of internationalisation of the Kashmir dispute and the growing influence of China in the Indian Ocean, says a new report by one of the most influential global think tanks, reported  The Express Tribune. “There is considerable concern within India that China, which has been neutral on Kashmir since 1963, can no longer be so now that its economic and security interests in these territories are growing in stake,” says a report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri) — a Sweden-based think tank. The report — titled “Silk Road Economic Belt – considering security implications and the EU-China cooperation prospects” — argues that India does not want a mediating role for China in these disputes. It is the first report by any global think tank that has discussed in detail the Indian concerns on

Balochistan precious metal reserves stand at $50 trillion February 3, 2017  24 ISLAMABAD : The world’s most expensive metal molybdenum has been recently discovered in Balochistan which has 0.1 million dollars per ton cost and it is used for making the aircraft, said Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSP) Director General (DG) Dr Imran. He was briefing the sub-committee of the standing committee on petroleum on Thursday. The body met under Senator Fateh Muhammad Hassani. Imran said molybdenum could be found in the Tethyan Metallogenic Belt which passes through Bulgaria, Greece, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. GSP has discovered 36 precious minerals in Balochistan which include antimony, aragonite/marble, copper, dolomite, gold, fluorite, gypsum and magnetite. He said further the cost of these hidden resources is around $50 trillion and Reko Diq has a $1 trillion worth. Hassani said this metal could be found in Kuh-e-Taftan which was given to Iran by th