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Foundations of the Baloch problem People of Kalat did not want to join Pakistan, but wanted to have close and friendly relations with its neighbour. By  YAQOOB KHAN BANGASH Jul.18,2011 The intractability of the Baloch problem lies in a  skewed understanding of its historical roots , which has  prevented successive governments from fully grasping the issue . When Pakistan was established in August 1947, it was constitutionally composed of only those areas of British India which had opted for it. The British allowed the Muslims to establish a separate homeland for themselves, but only on the basis of the will of the people and through democratic channels. Therefore, Punjab and Bengal legislatures voted for partition along communal lines. In Sind, the Muslim League ministry supported Pakistan, and the  Shahi Jirga  and the members of the Quetta municipality voted to join Pakistan on behalf of British Balochistan.

17th century map of Balochistan