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Over 110 bodies found in Balochistan last year: rights group KARACHI: The chairperson of the Baloch Hu­­man Rights Organisation (BHRO), Bibi Gul Baloch, has claimed that 113 mutilated bodies were found dumped across Balochistan last year. Speaking at a press conference at the Karachi Press Club on Tuesday, she revealed details of the annual report compiled by the BHRO. It included data about the people who went missing, those whose bodies were found in Karachi and south-west Balochistan, and those killed during military raids and operations. Ms Baloch said that during 2016 scores of military operations were carried out in the province’s insurgency-hit south-western parts and that 32 people had gone missing after being “arrested by the law enforcement agencies”. The 113 mutilated bodies found included those of two missing persons, Moham­mad Hanif Baloch and Younus Baloch, who went missing from Pasni in 2013 and 2014 respectively. She said that bodie

VIDEO: Helicopters bombing Baloch citizens in Bolan

Click to watch video. TIMES NOW has accessed a fresh video shot by a Baloch citizen who has claimed that atrocities by Pakistan in Bolan area of Balochistan. In the video accessed, helicopters could be seen flying over Sanjhawal area. Multiple bomb explosions are heard in the video. The video also shows multiple sites in the village being burnt down by explosions and property of the villages lying around in the rubble. "There are continuous military operations by Pakistan since 2002 and they are ruthlessly killing innocent civilians and thousands are missing. This is an ethnic cleansing,” Hammal Haidar, a Baloch activist told TIMES NOW. “The situation is appalling and there are doing it with a plan. This is just one incident, we see incidents like these on a daily basis." Haidar added. Another Baloch activist claimed that these operations are

China propagating Chinese Language and Culture in Balochistan

China is financing a new program in balochistan.The only Balochi language TV program know as wash TV. This Balochi TV is now propagating Chinese language and culture. So Baloch people know about China and learn Chinese. This is first culture attack and domination on Baloch people. Soon Baloch will taught that they are also Chinese. One can easily see countries bordering with China there knife cut eyes

Picture of the day

CPEC and FPCCI report on Population change in Balochistan

China – Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry Excerpt " conspiracy" that would stimulate migration of people from other provinces and make the Baloch a minority in the province. The most important aspect in the minds of the peoples in Baluchistan is the impacts of the changing in population structure from ethnic point of view. Gwader in Balochistan is the ultimate destination of CPEC while Balochistan is the least populated province of Pakistan. The province carries the rich mineral resources. These characteristics attract the peoples to settle in Balochistan while CPEC will facilitate the peoples to travel and settle in this province. It is quite obvious that ethnic patterns of population distribution will be affected by the inow of peoples from China and other cities of Pakistan. The average rate of outow migration from China is 0.44 per thousand persons however, this may be much higher

Baloch cultural event in Oman

*First* *time*  *in*  *Oman A unique Balochi event to be held with renowned Balochi artist and entertainer * Akhtar *  * Channal * along with his very popular group. * Venue : Al Falaj Hotel * Day and Date: Thursday, January 5 at 8pm *Prices: OMR 5, 10 and 20 * Available at Omar Al Khayyam restaurant a nd Al Falaj Hotel COME AND WITNESS BALOCHI FOLK AT ITS BEST...EXPECT A FABULOUSLY ENTERTAINING SHOW💐💐