Monday, December 11, 2017

Drought in Balochistan

In Balochistan, drought is completely destroying the livestock owned by the people of rural areas. Almost 25 percent of the livestock has already been perished in many districts of the province. Livestock is the main source of food of the poor and over 70 percent population’s income is based on livestock and backbone of rural Balochistan’s economy. Balochistan has already faced severe droughts from 1997 to 2005 which caused 1.76 million livestock deaths, hundreds of people lost their lives due to malnutrition and related diseases and huge financial losses.
In recent days, again the same conditions have appeared. If this time nothing will be done for the protection of the livestock and the people of rural areas then once again Balochistan will face destruction. Balochistan is full of natural resources, I am confused that why government doesn’t take benefit of these resources. I request the Balochistan government to provide funds to the rural people of the province and protect them from alarming drought.
Turbat, Balochistan

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