Saturday, December 9, 2017

Baloch Self Determination movement, Feudal Lords and Democracy

Amitai Etzioni is not so optimistic about self-determination’s capacity of advancing democracy. He believes that “with rare exceptions,” self-determination movementsactually “undermine the potential for democratic development in non-democratic countries and threaten the foundations of democracy in democratic ones.”

He argues that, historically, the moral approval self-determination movements enjoyed was based on the belief that self-determination would bring more responsive and democratic government to the oppressed minority people. He proposes that only those self determination movements that will enhance democracy be supported

🔴Question to Baloch activists and leaders is , with zero internal democracy in their groups, feudals(Sardars) at the helm of the affairs, feudal structure of society, do you think free balochistan will be functional democracy?

✔Probably first freedom that common Baloch should attain is from the Feudal Sardars who are just 0.5% of the Baloch population, yet control all the means and decision making of the Baloch people denying actively any democratic participation of common Baloch. Rooting out Feudal Lords hold should be the top priority of common Baloch

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