Friday, December 8, 2017

Alternate view on Baloch Millitancy

On December 1st, BLF attacked an FC convoy and killed 5 Pattan soldiers in Mashkey. In return FC carried out a  major operation in Mashkey, which is still going on, killing scores of innocent Baloch citizens, including women and children and kidnapped more than 60 Baloch citizens, including Dr.Allah Nazar's sister and brother in law.

Now someone tells me if this is not suicidal then what is it. If you can not provide safety and security to your people why put them in harms way with your ill advised misguided suicidal skirmishes and get them killed by paki terrorist army?

You think by killing couple of FC you can defeat the occupying forces and free Balochistan? NOT!

You kill one FC soldier, they will bring 10 more to kick your ass, kill and kidnap more of your people and burn your houses.

So what is the purpose of this craziness? I don’t understand why these militant are shooting on their own foot and getting their own people killed unnecessarily.

The fact that there is not a single target throughout Balochistan, except the Sui gas pipeline, that can cripple Pakistan’s economy or harm its occupying forces. So what is purpose of Baloch militants flexing their muscles in Balochistan??

Balochistan have suffered enormously because of Baloch militancy and their failed and misguided strategy. It is time that the Baloch militant groups end their ill advised suicidal skirmishes and use only peaceful means of struggle to secure Balochistan for Baloch people.

Balochistan can and will be Free only through peaceful and legal means of struggle and through diplomatic channels and not through these ill advised,misguided, suicidal skirmishes and violence and terrorism and killing innocent people.



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