Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Water scarcity in Gwadar


The most precious commodity in the entire Gwadar district is water; its protection is secured with a luck. The theft of water in Gwadar is therefore plausibly described as a major crime. Water scarcity is Gwadar's number one woe. It is therefore heartening to note that the federal government has decided to establish a desalination plant and power generation unit in the Gwadar Port Free Zone. It has also been learnt that the desalination plant will produce 5 million gallons clean water per day while the power plant will produce 30MW electricity.

Unfortunately, however, the government has not made some of its desalination plants functional which have been lying abandoned for seven years. A salination plant installed in the private sector is working successfully. It is said to be selling 100,000 gallons of drinking water to the public health engineering department daily for the supply of water to the people of Gwadar. The government is required to pay full attention to all of its desalination plants. Gwadar needs functional desalination plants.

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