Thursday, November 16, 2017

Terrorism in Balochistan aimed at to sabotage CPEC, Siraj


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LAHORE: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that the enemy had made Balochistan center of its subversive activities.

Talking to different delegations at Mansoora on Thursday, he said that the elements behind the killing of senior police officers and fifteen other innocent persons in Balochistan were those who wanted to sabotage the CPEC.

He said that India could not digest the multimillion CPEC project and was targeting entire Pakistan, especially Balochistan, through its saboteurs. Sirajul Haq said that whereas Pakistan had offered to arrange Kalboshan’s meeting with his wife purely on humanitarian grounds, the Indian media was giving it another color.

He said in order to foil Indian designs especially regarding CPEC, it was imperative to apprise the world community of India’s terrorist and subversive activities on one hand and to evolve an atmosphere of complete national unity and harmony within the country on the other.  He was however confident that the CPEC would be completed at every cost and all conspiracies of enemy would be foiled.



Sirajul Haq further said that the corrupt politicians did not deserve to lead the country and it was high time to separate politics from corruption for good. He said a countrywide scrutiny was required to build a neat and clean Pakistan.

He said that the common Pakistanis were making their contribution to the national economy by paying taxes and utilities bills whereas the corrupt rulers were wasting the public money in luxuries and were raising their personal bank balances.

He appealed to the Supreme Court to take prompt measures to stop this game as the masses were not ready to tolerate their plunderers.

He said the JI had been fighting against corruption for years and it had decided to take its drive against the evil to its peak during the next elections.

The JI chief said it was an irony that while the people involved in minor crimes were in jail, those plundering billions were free and even enjoying power

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