Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Tarek Fatah and Dr.Allah Nazar, head of Millitant group BLF

Tarek Fatah tweeted that Dr.Allah Nazar tweeter id was hacked. Dr.Allah Nazar is head of pro Independence baloch millitant Organization BLF. Recently Dr.Allah Nazar tweeted , that are objectionable and violates Tweeter user terms. In this regard Tatek  Fatah, whom many Baloch  believe as a Punjabi , close to few feudal sadars is tweeting  as if he is the represent BLF. What relationship between a millitant group leader and Tarek Fatah. Where are BLF representatives? Is Dr.Allah Nazar tweeter account operated by others? It could be true, because Allah Nazar do not use any communication equipments and do not talk with outside world using satellite phone or give Interview to media from his phone. Then we can conclude that someone is badly handling his tweeter handle and tarnishing his image. It is high time for action.

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