Thursday, November 23, 2017

Rejection of Bugti Asylum: Attitude of Nawabs and Sardars

The problem is while denying association with Millitant wing BRA officially, Bugti never objected  the use of his pictures, also never  condemned attacks. Some members have overlapping roles in BRA and BRP, which Pakistan has successfully connected and presented to the Government of Switzerland. The same will happen to all groups who run two horses, it will be very difficult to champion a cause by having two faces. All millitant wings should not associate with political wings , instead exiled political activists role should be strictly public diplomacy. But it has become a fashion to all exiled leaders and activists to gloat about their millitant connection , "we are struggling practically" meaning armed struggle. Corollary is public Diplomacy is theoritical struggle and carry less priority. At the same these  leaders who are in exile with the party are belittling the efforts of individuals who do not have or associate with millitant wing.

Ahmar Mastikhan on Nawabs and Sardars

Karma visits Baloch Nawabs? They were treating sincere international activists who were selflessly working for free Balochistan as if we are trash. Honestly, had Bhagwan given my $1.5 million per month I too would have launched 2,000-strong best militant force comprising members of my Gorgej tribe who live on the borders of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. However, it is still not late. I urge these honorable gentlemen to show respect to all those who burn the midnight candles for a Free Balochistan, rather than spend tens of thousands of dollars on bar and brothel jumping in the West, specially Rue de Berne in downtown Geneva, as if they are Baloch Rambos or Tarzans from a comic book.

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