Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Dr. Allah Nazar orders the killing of NP leaders Dr. Malik and Hasil Bizenjo.

Acting as Judge, Jury and Executioner, BLF leader Dr. Allah Nazar orders the killing of NP leaders Dr. Malik and Hasil Bizenjo, and that constitutes terrorism. It means any Baloch who disagree with them and oppose their militancy and terrorism, should be eliminated. Is he asking for a civil war among Baloch people??

Seems like Baloch militants groups losing their support among the Baloch people and they are now resorting to violence and terrorism to impose their will on people through use of force, violence, threats, intimidation and bullying.

This shows how desperate they are after losing the ground and being rejected.

Last week they called a boycott to all news papers and when a newspaper shopkeeper opened its shop against their call, they throw a Grande injuring 9 people.

The other day they called for wheel Jam protest in Balochistan to punish the local people, and when Baloch people rejected their protest call they ordered to blow up the tires of a local bus carrying Baloch passenger including women and children. The people were enraged, as the wheel Jam was only hurting the locals and Pakistan’s economy was not effected at all.

Now they are ordering to assassinate the political figures who believe in parliamentary politics and do not support their militants agenda. But the Question is, why kill only Dr. Malik and Hasil Bizenjo??

They are not the only one who are doing parliamentary politics. There are other Baloch nationalist leaders like Akhtar Mengal of BNP, Changez Marri and Nawab Zehri of PML (N) too but Dr. Allah Nazar has not issued any decree against them to be eliminated. This make someone think why only against the NP leadership alone???

I’m not a fan NP leaders nor any of the others. To me they are all the same. But, if they think by assassinating opponent political leaders and killing innocent poor Baloch citizen in the name of liberation movement, they can liberate Balochistan, surely they are wrong, living in a fools paradise and are digging their own graves.

We also ask all Baloch militant groups in Balochistan to shun their path of militancy, violence and terrorism, lay down their arm and use only peaceful and democratic means of struggle to secure Balochistan for the Baloch people. Balochistan can and will be FREE only through peaceful means of struggle and NOT through violence and terrorism.

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