Wednesday, November 29, 2017

CPEC: Security tightened

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is surely and certainly a great game changer not only for Pakistan but also for the entire region. Under CPEC, a number of projects in energy, infrastructure and other sectors are under implementation across Pakistan including Punjab province. Pretty large numbers of Chinese nationals along with local people are working on these projects day and night. They are our guests and ensuring their security and safe working atmosphere is the bounden duty of the people as well as all law enforcement agencies in all fairness.
It is good to note that Punjab Police in the prevailing circumstances has decided to revise the security plan for the Chinese nationals on a priority basis. According to media reports, the Police Chief has quite timely and rightly directed all field police officers to reassess security personnel deployment for the Chinese nationals working on various development projects. All regional and district police officers have also been directed to visit the CPEC-related development project sites along with the Special Protection Units personnel in their respective areas to check security arrangements.
These directions were issued after undertaking extensive review of the security plan for CPEC projects, Chinese citizens, educational institutions and worship places in the province. Following this review, the police officers have also been directed that special security measures should also be taken around the worship places including mosques, imam bargahs and churches in addition to important educational institutions particularly those having co-education system and also continue search, combing and intelligence based operations as well around the sensitive places with the active help and cooperation of counter terror experts. All this surely augurs well for ensuring security of all people.

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