Monday, November 13, 2017

Child labour in Balochistan


An issue which is troubling the Baloch nation for a long decade is child labour which is yet not resolved. We find small children quitting their study and joining a local garage, workshop, store or something of this ilk for the purpose of feeding the family. Some people send their children despite the presence of elders in the family and some send under compulsion.
But mostly, I witness the ones who have elder brothers and even fathers. But they show no mercy for their children and despite sending them to school, they are sent in garages. How one feels seeing dirty clothes worn by himself and the school’s uniform the other child? So sad.
I got confused confronting a child of age 7, working in a Zarang car (A local car which is a source mostly used in transportation business). He was so small but still doing job in a car. The most shocking thing for me at that very moment was that he was working with his elder brother who was nearly 25 years old. The 7-year-old boy had to quit his studies. Despite the presence of his elder brother who was yet unmarried, the smallest brother aged 7 quit his studies. How irritating it is, isn’t it?
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