Saturday, October 28, 2017

Rights Defender and General Secretary of BHRO was disappeared by force.

on October 28, 2017

Karachi (Bolan Times) : Nawaz Atta with Eight including minors and family members was disappeared by force by the Pakistani security and secret forces BHRO representatives claimed at Karachi Press Club.

The security forces including uniformed and non uniformed personals (plain clothed) raided the house of Nawaz Atta might night at 2:00 AM and took away the males  severely beaten,injured and threatened the females. said the family members.

The details of the abductees are Nawaz Atta S/0 Atta Mohammad, Abid S/O Ashraf, Farhad S/O Anwar, Sajjad S/O Yar Jan, Ulfat S/O Altaf, Aftab S/O Mohammad Younus, Rawat S/O Taj Mohammad, Arif S/O Mohammad Younus.

In the press statement BHRO representatives claimed that, Nawaz Atta is an active Human Rights Defender and is a student of International Relations in the Karachi University. He himself was very active for the safe recovery of the other Baloch missing persons.Unfortunately the Pakistani security forces kidnapped and disappeared him by force. This is very unfortunate and apathetic. Baloch Human Rights Organization is a non political and human rights defender organization.

We request the Pakistani authorities, security official and the government agencies to produce Mr. Nawaz Atta and other persons in any court of justice and let us and his family members to know their fate and their where abouts. We urge the International organizations particularly the United Nations to take notice this inhuman crime and take steps to make the safe recovery of these persons. BHRO representatives appealed at the Karachi Press Club.

Paris based Mr. Munir Mengal the Baloch political leader and the President of Baloch Voice Association in his response with the Bolan Times correspondent said that this is very unfortunate that the Pakistani state has already created an environment of suffocation for the Baloch people and also for those whom try to raise the voice of the Baloch people through military operations, and enforced disappearances. They are doing it at day light and in front of many witnesses. The issue of enforced disappearance in Balochistan is so volnurable that it needs the attention of the International powers particularly of the United Nations on emergency basis

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