Saturday, October 28, 2017

BNC strongly condemn the kidnapping of Nawaz Atta Baloch and demands his immediate release.



October 28, 2017

WASHINGTON D.C— Balochistan National Congress (BNC) strongly condemn the latest kidnapping of Nawaz Atta Baloch, Central Secretary of Baloch Human Right Organization (BHRO), and eight other members of his family, by Pakistan’s security forces.

Mr. Nawaz Atta Baloch was kidnapped by Pakistan’s security forces along with his eight other family members at midnight from their house in Karachi Pakistan and no one knows where they are being kept.

BNC demands immediate release of Nawaz Atta Baloch and his family members. If Nawaz Atta Baloch or any of his family members have committed any crime, they must be produced before a court of law.

Kidnapping citizens without the due process of law is a violation of Pakistan’s constitution and the international laws.

We ask the Human Right commission of Pakistan (HRCP), Human Right Watch (HRW), the Amnesty International (AI), the United Nation Human Right Council (UNHRC), Asian Human Right Commission (AHRC) and all other human right organizations and the world community to take notice of these ongoing enforced disappearances in Balochistan.

We consider these ongoing enforced disappearances of Baloch political activists in Occupied Balochistan as a part of Pakistan’s ongoing policy of Baloch elimination to strengthen and continue their illegal and unjust occupation of Balochistan and to accelerate the exploitation of Balochistan’s rich natural resources with the help of China.

Balochistan, rich in natural resources, is the Homeland of more that 16 millions Baloch people worldwide, is currently under the illegal occupation of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan and the Baloch people are fighting against the foreign occupiers to restore their sovereignty over their motherland, it’s coasts and natural resources.

The Baloch citizens are being subjected to daily humiliation, subjugation, discrimination, enforced disappearances and torture in their own homeland by the foreign occupying forces.

Thousands Baloch citizen have been killed, dumped and made disappeared since the latest uprising in Balochistan that started in 2005 and is still going on. We ask the U.S Government and the international community to help Baloch people in their fight for freedom and justice.


Balochistan National Congress (BNC) is a U.S based Baloch political body, working for freedom and justice for Baloch people in the Occupied Balochistan through non-violent and peaceful means of struggle. BNC is against terrorism, violence and extremism in its all forms and shapes.

Copies sent to:

1. Human Right Commission of Pakistan ( HRCP)

2. Human Right Watch (HRW)

3. Amnesty International (AI) 

4. United Nation Human Right Council (UNHRC)

5. Asian Human Right Commission (AHRC)

6. The U.S State Department.

7. The Secretary General of United Nation, UN HQ, New York, USA

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