Monday, October 30, 2017

BNC condemn kidnapping of Wife and Kid of Dr.Allah Nazar



October 30, 2017

WASHINGTON D.C— Balochistan National Congress (BNC) strongly condemn the latest kidnapping of innocent Baloch women and children by Pakistan’s military in Balochistan and demands their immediate release without being harmed.

We ask the world community and human rights organizations to take notice of these serious human right violations and enforced disappearances taking place in Balochistan by Pakistan’s army and security forces.

“We also asks all the Baloch militant groups to end their ill-advised suicidal skirmishes, lay down their arms and end their violence and terrorism in Balochistan and use only peaceful means of struggle to secure Balochistan for Baloch people, as these ill-advised and suicidal skirmishes have not produced any positive results but have helped only the Pakistani occupying forces to strengthen their grip and control over Balochistan, arrest, kill and disappear more innocent Baloch citizens with full impunity and increase their exploitation of Balochistan’s resources”, said Dr. Baloch, President of BNC.

He said, “BNC believe that Balochistan can and will be FREE only through peaceful and non-violent means of struggle but those who think that they can liberate Balochistan through use of violence and terrorism they are seriously misguided and extremely delusional”.

Let it be clear that the BNC does not support any militants groups and their actions or agenda and that the BNC only believes in non-violent and peaceful means of struggle.


Balochistan National Congress (BNC) is a U.S based Baloch political body, working for freedom and justice for Baloch people in the Occupied Balochistan through non-violent and peaceful means of struggle. BNC is against terrorism, violence and extremism in its all forms and shapes.

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Copies being sent to:

1. Human Right Commission of Pakistan ( HRCP)
2. Human Right Watch (HRW)
3. Amnesty International (AI)
4. United Nation Human Right Council (UNHRC)
5.  Asian Human Right Commission (AHRC)
6. The U.S State Department.
7. The Secretary General of United Nation, UN HQ, New York, USA.

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