Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Note on Prof.Sabah Dashtyari by Dr.Ali Akbar Mengal

Dr.Ali Akbar Mengal

Prof.Sabah Dashtyari was very great Professor he was vocal and proactive for freedom of Balochistan  and every time he gave open speechs and lectures in university and library . One day we few friends Met him in his house at professors coloney  at university .He told me that he cried two times in his life, first time when Nawab Akbar Bugti was killed and second time  when he learned  that Munir Mengal was arrested from Karachi Airport for opening Baloch TV Chanel (but Munir still did not completed that project .)

After discussion with him, one friend asked him "Sir you speak too open in your lectures against state  and if some one kill you what you do?"He replied "die simply, nothing else" and the  same has happen . A real Intellectual and real Professor who did not worried about pension, salary and life  worth of speaking truth .

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