Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Today my daughter Aarti was raped Poem by AHMAR KHAN


My tears flow as if blood gushing out of heart,
For today my beautiful daughter was raped.
They came with guns in the dead of night,
Tied me and Aarti’s mom as we begged them to let her go.
They said Allah Akbar we come here to make her Muslim,
Like their mom’s paramour bin Qasim did with Dahir’s daughter.
At dawn break, mullah came with boy shit on his shalwar,
As the rapist slapped my baby to order: say Laa Illa.
I see the blood of rape on Sindh land everywhere,
I hear my daughter’s sobs in winter rains.
Muslim men of Sindh, so-called Hajis,
Are dirty like semen on an old whore’s bed

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