Thursday, September 28, 2017

Pakistani Millitary using educational institutions

State’s policy of utilising Baluchistan’s educational institutions for military purpose is against the international principles: BSO-Azad

Baluch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-A) condemned the siege and military operations in Kolowah which are continued for more than one month. Since August 22, Pakistan army seized nearly two dozen middle, high and primary schools in the central areas of Awaran and Kech, said BSO-Azad central spokesperson.

The entire area of Kolowah is under the military siege. The entry and the exit points along with the telecommunication system of Kolowah are completely banned by the Pakistan Army. The state policy of utilizing educational institution of Baluchistan for military purpose has resulted in the ouster of hundreds of Baluch youth out of school.

BSO-Azad spokesperson said that Pakistan, despite being the member-country of United States, is violating the international principles, but, on the other hand, no one in any corner of the world is raising voice against Pakistan’s breach of global principles.

During the Kolowah operation, state forces have killed seven Baluch youth while dozens have been abducted who are missing until now. The internet system is suspended for last eight months in majority areas of Baluchistan including Kolowah, but the state forces has suspended the mobile telecommunication system since the commencement of the Kolowah operation on August 22. Due to the complete ban on telecommunication system, we are facing difficulties in the access of detailed information, said BSO-Azad spokesperson.

BSO-Azad central spokesperson said that the condition of Baluchistan is very critical, but, in this regard, the international human rights institutions and the United States have adopted a complete silence. The use of state power against the Baluch is an open terrorism which fully negates the global principles.

Since 2013, the state forces have seized hundreds of governmental and private schools in Makran and Jhalawan regions of Baluchistan. High School Dandar, Middle School Horr, Middle School Gushank, Primary School Sahr, Primary School Jath, Primary School Shapkoul, Kanichi Primary School, several schools of Mashkay, Gichk, Tump, Dasht including the Boys Inter College Hushab and Boys Inter College Mashkay are under the occupation of state forces, said BSO-Azad spokesperson.

BSO-Azad central spokesperson said that the members of the puppet provincial assembly are the representatives of Pakistan Army who are equally involved in the in destruction of Baluch students’ future and the application of state barbarism on Baluch people.

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