Monday, September 18, 2017

Pakistan issued Demarche to Swiss over Baloch posters

Demarche made to Swiss envoy , copy attached below

✔ The website is affiliated to Tarek Fatah, he is Executive Director of the Organization.
✔ Since 2015 , this group is organizing conferences in various western capitals, many parliamentarians of various EU countries attended. One Conference was organised in Capitol Hill in US which was attended by a senator.
✔ This Group is closely linked with Mehran Marri and projects BRP head Brahumdagh Bugti. A cursory look at the website tell you that it is not associated with millitant BLA .
✔ It is believed that BLA, BRA, UBA  are  headed by Harbyar Marri, Brahumdagh Bugti, Mehran Marri .
✔ In conclusion, Pakistani Establishment is mixing apples and oranges and also plums. Like mixing NGO with Millitary groups and wrongly referring the groups, Individuals and affiliations.
✔Such poor homework on the part of Pakistani Mission reflects pathetic levels of ignorance resulting inferior work that only make fool of themselves in diplomatic circles

Swiss are not briefed properly by Baloch groups. Tarek Fatah should have given clarification to Swiss authorities as he is Executive Director.

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