Sunday, September 17, 2017

Pakistan: Defence Day speech by COAS

Pakistan's Chief of Army Staff Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa on September 6, 2017 delivered his *Defence Day speech* in c,haste Urdu. The speech is important in many ways. It came in the wake of a US Policy shift in South Asia and a growing tension between India and China. During his speech, Gen. Bajwa stated that:

1) Jihad is the prerogative of state and it should remain the case. [This was in reference to terrorist outfits like TTP and other that target Pakistan and its state agencies. He termed them as people who have lost their ways (Bhatke Hue log)]

2) He also referred Pakistanis as the proud descendants of "Pakistan ka matlab kya-La Ilaaha-Illilah." 

3) He accused India of fomenting terrorism in Pakistan and stealing and capturing its water. Besides, he chanted the old mantra of resolving Kashmir in light of UNSC resolutions etc...

4) Pakistan'll not fight Afghanistan's war in its own country. 

5) We don't need American aid but respect. 

Today's Rashtriya Sahara attached. Download

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