Saturday, September 23, 2017

CPEC - A Denial to Life

UNO 36th Council Session Conference
CPEC - A Denial to Life

Within a decade China will overtake the US as the world's largest economy.
What will happen when the one party state becomes Number 1? Economic asendency and political power often go hand in hand. Its maritime expansion and infrastructural investments will pose a major threat to the territorial integrity of numerous states.

The geo-political order is shifting and powerful alliances are in the making. If the status quo does not take heed right now some very big and disturbing surprises will be in the offing with long term major power fractures difficult to recover from.

Mr Munir Mengal of the Baloch Voice Association together with Human Rights Activist, Politician and Lawyer Claudia Heidelberg,  Professor Naela Quadri President of World Baloch Women's Forum and Mir Suleman Dawood Khan, the 35th Khan of Kalat raised their concerns about the devastating impact of CPEC on Balochistan.

As stated by the leader of the Free Balochistan Movement Mr Hyrbyair Marri, the time has come for Balochistan and Kurdistan to become full member states of the United Nations.

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