Tuesday, September 5, 2017

CPEC: 12 Questions to Pakistani Government

*Kaiser Bengali is said to have posed 12 questions to the government,* seeking important details about the project. These have been taken up by the Senate as well, and so far he has received a one-word answer, “Yes,” about the existence of an overall CPEC feasibility. No information or document has been shared so far. The questions are,

🔴Has Pakistan prepared an overall CPEC Feasibility?

🔴Has Pakistan prepared a CPEC Environment Impact Assessment?

🔴What is Pakistan’s share in Gwadar port revenues, if any?

🔴What is Balochistan’s share in Gwadar port revenues, if any?

🔴Is the Gwadar-Khunjrab Highway a toll road? If yes, what are the shares of provinces through which the Highway passes?

🔴What will be the (positive and adverse) impact of China Transit Trade on Pakistan’s manufacturing sector?

🔴What will be the impact of tax exemptions to CPEC-related Chinese imports on Pakistan’s manufacturing sector?

🔴What will be the (medium and long-term) Balance of Payments impact of foreign exchange inflows (Loans, FDI) and outflows (debt repayment, profit remittance)?

🔴What is the budgetary burden on Pakistan for protecting Chinese road and sea convoys?

🔴What percentage of security units, being raised for CPEC related protection, is recruited from districts through which the Gwadar-Khunjrab Highway passes?

🔴What is the water provision plan for Gwadar?  If desalinated, what is the financing plan to cover the high cost?

🔴What is the plan to ensure that Gwadar does not become a Baloch minority city?

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