Saturday, September 30, 2017

BNC denounces the Baloch militants groups and their suicidal skirmishes in Balochistan

WASHINGTON DC-- Balochistan National Congress (BNC), the primer Baloch body in the U.S, called upon all Baloch militants groups to shun their path of violence and militancy and use only peaceful non-violent means of struggle to secure Balochistan for Baloch people.

All the Baloch militants groups who are flexing their muscles inside Balochistan, with their ill-advised skirmishes, are being funded either by India, to run their proxy war against Pakistan or by ISI (BLA and UBA) to collect information and pass it on to ISI for containing and countering the Baloch people's struggle from freedom and justice. 

Both BLA and UBA are ISI funded Baloch militant groups, disguised as "Baloch freedom fighters", but in fact they are working and colluding with Pakistan's ISI to Contain, Counter and Control the Baloch struggle for freedom and Justice by attracting the young Baloch youths, with their fancy, fake and phony slogans of Azadee, to get them profiled, kidnapped and killed by the Pakistan's army. 

"We strongly denounce all Baloch militant groups and their actions and ask them all to lay down their arms, end their ill-advised suicidal skirmishes as these skirmishes have not produced any positive results nor helped the Baloch cause but have only helped and strengthened the FC's grip and control in all over Balochistan and helped them to intensify their exploitations of Balochistan's natural resources", said Dr. Baloch, President of BNC

He said, "militants can not and must not use violence and terrorism to justify their actions in the name of liberation movements. Civilized world does not buy, accept, entertain or tolerate that". 

He said,"there is a better way to fight for freedom and justice. It is called the non-violent, peaceful, democratic and civilizedway which is more acceptable to the world community". 

He said, "Balochistan can and will be FREE only through peaceful and non-violent means of struggle but those who think that they can liberate Balochistan through use of violence and terrorism or by killing innocent people, they are seriously misguided, extremely delusional and living in fools paradise".

"Let it be clear that the BNC does not support any militants groups and their actions or agenda and that the BNC only believes in non-violent and peaceful means of struggle. There should be no room for violence and terrorism and BNC fully denounce violence and terrorism in its all forms and shapes", he said.


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