Saturday, September 16, 2017

Baloch Nation stand by with their Kurdish brothers on their historic referendum for Freedom.

Baloch Nation stand by with their Kurdish brothers on their historic referendum for Freedom.



September 16, 2017

Washington, D.C: - Baloch Nation congratulate and stand by with their Kurdish brothers on their historic referendum for freedom and share their joy and enthusiasm to cease the opportunity to embrace the path of freedom and to be FREE as a nation among the free nations of the world, which was long overdue,” said Dr. Wahid Baloch, President of Balochistan National Congress (BNC) - Washing D.C Chapter.

His Excellency Qubad Talabani 
and Dr. Wahid Baloch
Dr. Wahid Baloch who met with His Excellency Qubad Talabani, the U.S representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government, in his office in Washington, D.C in 2006, and extended solidarity to him on the behalf of Baloch Nation in person, said Baloch people are the closest friends and kin to Kurdish people and that they always stand by with their Kurdish Brothers and sisters through thick and thin.

 He said, our Kurdish brothers and sisters has gone through a lot sufferings and sacrifices to make this brilliant and bright day happens in their lives for a better future for them and for their future generations and their dreams to come true to be free as a Free and independent nation among the nations of the world.

“We are extremely happy and overwhelmed with joy to see our Kurdish Brothers and sisters made it through the tough times and overcomed all their difficulties to finally make their dream come true. This is a great accomplishment and we are extremely happy and overwhelmed with them on their success and path to freedom,” said Dr. Baloch.

He said, like the Kurdish people, the Baloch people and their motherland, Balochistan, is also divided into three countries, Viz, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan, by the artificial Goldsmith lines and borders, drawn by the British rulers to ‘divide and rule’, and Baloch citizens are being subjected to daily humiliation, subjugation, discrimination and torture in their own homeland by the foreign occupying forces.   

He said It is time that the world community to recognize that no any artificial border can separate the families and blood kins for too long and that these borders and Goldsmith lines must be abolished once and for all as these are unjust and they violates the international laws.

He said, like Kurds, Baloch people have also a long history of struggle for freedom and justice to reunite their divided motherland and to re-gain their lost and stolen independence from the foreign occupier.  He said, today is FREE Kurdistan and tomorrow, God willing, it will be the FREE Balochistan. He asked the Baloch Diaspora to shun their pity differences and join hands together like Kurds to make their dream to come true.


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