Saturday, September 16, 2017

A peaceful Batwara is the ultimate solution of Pakistan's problems

Pakistan: A peaceful Batwara is the ultimate solution of Pakistan's problems

Dr.Wahid Baloch

A peaceful solution without any further bloodshed and violence is the ultimate solution of Pokistan or else Pakistan will break apart and Punjab will ends up as a deadlock state among all anti-Punjab states (Sindhudesh, Balochistan, Pakhtunistn, Afghanistan, Iran and India) and will not survive. It is better for Punjabis to take heed and do the right thing to end their monopoly, exploitation and discriminative abusive policy directed against the other provinces and accept their genuine rights and demands and accommodate them well equally without any further delay. 

You can not have peace until your all federating units are treated and accommodated fairly and equally and their genuine demands and reservations are accepted by Punjab. 

Baloch demands are simple, genuine and just. Here are few that needs to addressed immediately to get started to solve the Balochistan's conflict peacefully within the federation without further violence and bloodshed.

1. The Pashtun FC, an anti-Baloch force who is busy in kill and dump and Disappearances of Baloch citizens, should be removed from all Baloch towns and cities immediately and replaced by the local jobless angry frustrated Baloch citizens to make them feel accommodated and counted citizens of Pakistan.

2. The Pashtun FC should be deployed on Pak- Afghan border to check the infiltration of Taliban terrorists and drug smugglers. 

3. All Pashtun area of Balochistan should be joined with KPK province and Baloch areas of Punjab, Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur, should be rejoined with Balochistan to restore and protect Balochistan historical demography. 

4. All Afghan refugees living in Balochistan must be returned back to Afghanistan without any further delay, their Fake ID cards, birth certificates and Pak Passport should be canceled and their names removed from the Balochistan voter's registration list and Census record.

5. Constitutional amendment must be done to guarantee that there will be no demographic changes in Balochistan.

5. The right and demands of Baloch citizens to use and utilize their own natural resources, including the trillions dollars Rekodiq and Sandak Gold and silver reserves, Sui gas royalties and all proceeds from the Gwadar port and CPEC, should be accepted, upheld and honored to uplift the lives millions Baloch citizens who are living in extreme poverty and in Stone Age in their own homeland. 

5. The wide spread joblessness and corruption in Balochistan must be addressed on priority basis and Balochistan's job quota of Baloch citizens must be honored both in the federal departments, Pakistan's armed forces and in the foreign services to accommodated the jobless Baloch youths to make feel counted and proud citizens of Pakistan. 

6. The widespread corruption in Pakistan must be addressed honestly and sincerely and a fool proof system of check and balance must be put in place backed by a free and independent powerful judiciary to ensure transparency and rule of law in every department. Those who violate the law and steal national wealth fraudulently must be held accountable and sent to jail, their properties and assets forfeited and they must be declared ineligible to run for any office or job within the Government.

These are all genuine and just demands that the Baloch citizens are making for decades and they must be addressed and accepted by the rulers without any further delay. But, if the rulers in Islamabad continue to ignore and reject the genuine demands of Baloch citizens, we have no option left to knock the doors of the international bodies, including the ICJ, ICC and UNO, to seek justice for our people. 


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