Saturday, August 26, 2017

Dr.Allah Nazar Baloch's latest message

Below is latest message from Dr.Allah Nazar Baloch, head of Baloch Liberation Front, this is a text we have converted from video message. We apologise for any Errors in the below message in advance .. BalochHouse

My Baloch nation and respected listeners!

Today Pakistani forces have been defeated on moral as well as military grounds. The Pakistani occupation of Balochistan has been further been weakened. However, now the enemy has resorted to evil designs. Hopefully, Baloch nation will also counter these tactics with sincerity, patriotism and with love for freedom.

Few sardars from Jhalawan and Sarawan on behest of Pakistani state, army and ISI are trying to create differences on the fake pretext that Balochi and Brahvi are two different nations. We would like to tell them that they will be unsuccessful in this conspiracy too. Balochi and Brahvi are two languages of Baloch nation. From North to South and East to West wherever the Baloch inhabit on this land we might speak Siraiki, Brahvi or Balochi but we all share the same tradition, culture and psychology.

However, the occupying state has come to realise that Islamabad will fall soon. It is an established fact that whenever a federation, that has tried to keep units or provinces against their will, it hasn’t lasted long. All over the world, the occupied lands have managed to break the chains of slavery sooner or later. Pakistan is an unnatural state which has no language, tradition or history. Its history is only 70 years old. Whereas, the history of Baloch nation is more than 7 thousand years old. How can these two totally different groups of people become one?

Therefore, we appeal the Baloch nation that Pakistan has been defeated and Baloch nation are on the path of gaining their independence. No power in the world can stop the Baloch nation from achieving freedom now. I would also like to tell my Baloch youth that wherever they are getting education whether it is Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore or Quetta I request them to study hard so that we can compete with the enemy on all fronts. To run the administration of our free state, we would need engineers, technocrats, marine biologists and all other kinds of technical professionals.

Therefore, please study hard so that along with facing the enemy on military front we could also compete with them academically.

God, bless you and long live Balochistan.   

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