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” China Pakistan Economic cooridor is illegal ” UKPNP

” China Pakistan Economic cooridor is illegal ” UKPNP

on August 30, 2017

Bolan Times ( Bruxelles) : United Kashmir National Party and others human Rights activists said that China Pakistan Economic Corridor is illegal .

On 25The August 2017 , in Belgium capital Bruxelles , Representatives of United Kashmir National Party ( UKPNP ) Baloch and European Human Rights Activists declared China Pakistan Economic Corridor ( CPEC ) illegal .

In Friday Conference regarding CPEC ,
Sardar Shukat Ali Kashmiri, Chairman, United Kashmir Peoples Narional Party said that “According to United Nation Resoulation Pakistan has nothing to do with Pakistan occupied Kashmir , Pakistan violated agreement with we Kashmiri peoples and illegally occupied our land”.

Chairman UKPNP added that ” No any international Human Rights organization is allowed to visit pakistani occupied Kashmir to see what Pakistan is illegally doing there “.

Saradar Shukat Ali Kashmiri added that ” You can not inter in Pakistan occupied Kashmir on a Tourist Visa even you have a valid Visa , until and unless Ministry of Interior Pakistan to grant you permission to inter Pakistan “.

” we are not against Pakistan , my mean of Pakistan is common people of Pakistan , But Punjabi establishment has no rights to clench fundamental human rights of Kashmiri , Baloch , Sindhi , pushtoon and others minorities.

” Where is  United Nation to ask Pakistan to rid off its Army from Kashmir and international community must send theirs facts finding missions to Pakistan for reality and human rights violations which pakistan in Kashmir”.

Munir Mengal , A famous Baloch human Rights activist and President of Baloch Voice Foundation ( BVF ) said that ” Without Balochistan and Occupied Kashmir ‘ Azad Kashmir ‘, Pakistan and China can not chalk-out their China Pakistan Economic Corridor plan “.

BVF President more said that ” unfortunately Balochistan and Kashmir are occupied by Pakistan by force without the will of Baloch and Kashmiro people “.

” We Baloch and Kashmiri Human Rights and Political leaders and Representatives with out European friends calling the worlds to supports us”.

Mengal added that ” Pakistan is using religious extremists organizations to illuminate Baloch and Kashmiris voices in the region”

” Almost Each and every part of Balochistan if facing Military Operation nowadays, we Baloch are being kidnaped , torcher and killed on daily basis , Pakistan establishment declared us Kafar ( Non Muslim ) and using this tactic she is destroying our fundamental human Rights and Basic human Rights ”

Mengal pointed that not only Pakistan but China is also on same footsteps of Pakistan , Mengal said that ” last year 2016 November , In Bangkok Thailand my NGO , Baloch Voice Association was going to organize a conference on same issue ( China Pakistan Economic Corridor ) , but china Pakistan with Thai immigration authorities cooperation made me arrested and deported from Bangkok “.

In Last Mengal appealed to international community to come forward and help Baloch and Kashmiri from Pakistan and China.

Claudia Heidelberg, A german Human Rights Defender said ” China designed CPEC to control the region and be more powerful among neighbors countries and in the world ”

” China use Pakistan land to get supremacy in the region and for this there are reports that china already deployed his Army in the area ”

” China Pakistan authorities had ignored all warnings from UN and international community regarding human Rights violations in both regions “.

Jamil Masood , Ex foreign Secretary foreign Affairs ( UKPN ) said that ” Kashmir is occupied region by Pakistan and China . All legal aspect of Kashmir must be debate “amil said ” In Kashmir for development, China and Pakistan must take in confidence local kahmiries in confidence for all mega projects ”

Mr Nasir Aziz , Ex spokesperson of UKPNP said that ” Legally Pakistan has no legal stand in our land Kashmir , Pakistan has no rights to utilize Kashmiris resources “.

Nasir Aziz added that ” In Kashmir we Kashmiri are not allowed to use our water , Pakistan illegally controlling all maters illegally in all mean “.
” In Pakistan occupied Kashmir local Kashmiri can not be promoted or posted Inspector General of Police , Chief Secretary, Finance Chief etc , Pakistani Establishment such acts shows we ( Kashmiri ) are not educated “.

Nasir Aziz added that ” CPEC is not for local Kashmiris , this so-called development is only for benefit of Pakistan and China ”

Resolutions adopted at a conference held in Brussels- Belgium on 25th of August-2017 under the aegis of United Kashmir People’s National Party (UKPNP) title of the conference.

“Jurisprudence of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC),It’s environmental effects beyond the region.

2.Mega structure and rights of the people of Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.

These Resolution passed unanimously.

1.This August conference reaffirm its commitment for the cause of a United, independent,secular and democratic Jammu & Kashmir,that existed from 1846 to 1947.

2.This conference emphasises on Government of Pakistan to uphold its responsibilities taken under UNCIP and Truce Agreement and revive historical links between its peripheries as well as fundamental Human rights of the people under its temporary administration.

3.This gathering express its deep concern on discontinuity of the elected governments in Pakistan and dismayed that the dream of civilian supremacy is vague yet .

4.This conference strongly reject filthy language used by Pakistan political leaders against the Prime Minister of so called Azad Kashmir in which he states to revisit his Government’s policy to accede with Pakistan.

5.This conference constantly believe that the self determination of the people of erstwhile state could not be altered that the recent statement of Mahmood khan Achakzai is welcoming in this regard.

6.The conference stresses that so called government of Azad Kashmir hold local bodies elections without any further delay and bureaucratic hegemony of the Pakistani lent officers over this region must come to an end.

7.This conference appreciates statement of Ms Mahbooba Mufti Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir about unification of the divided parts of former Princely state.

8.This conference expressed deepest concerns about neglecting environmental impacts of CPEC and resentment of the people affected by Chinese expansion in the region and beyond.

9.This conference expresses its solidarity with the oppressed nationalities of Pakistan and support their peaceful endeavours for their national self- determination and socio economic emancipation.

10. The participants unanimously welcome the statement of US President calling Pakistan to eradicate sanctuaries of terrorist organisations in Pakistan.

11. The oppressed communities together call on world community to pressurise Pakistan from refrain terror policy in the region


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