Saturday, August 19, 2017

BLF killed 10 Jindullah militants in Panjgoor

There is no place for religious extremism in Balochistan, killed 10 Jindullah militants in Panjgoor. BLF

(Daily Sangar) Balochistan Liberation Front’s spokesperson Gwahrm Baloch claimed responsibility of the attack on the world terrorist extremist organization Jindalullah, saying that, on Saturday the BLF fighters ambushed a convoy of Jindullah in Parom area of Panjgoor Balochisan. A vehicle and a motorcycle badly damaged and ten Jindullah Militants killed. Jindullah is a religious fundamentalist, receives full support from Pakistani army and its secret agencies. Pakistan army’s convoy aimed to help Jindullah, headed towards Iran border from Parom, Panjgoor but BLF fighters managed to reach a safe place with best guerrilla strategies before the army reached. Gwahram Baloch said that last days same vehicles and persons were seen pursuing Baloch fighters after an attack on Pakistani army in Reshpesh, Parom. These Pakistani army-led people are directly active against the Baloch nation and are busy spreading religious sectarianism on both sides of the border. Sometimes ago these forces showed them will wishers of the Baloch nation, but now they are exposed directly collaborating Pakistani security forces against Baloch freedom movement. Baloch nation does not forgive anyone who supports the occupying state Pakistan. 
Gwahram Baloch said that on Friday BLF fighters killed Zameer aka Mehram s/o Haji Bashir in firing who surrendered to Pakistani army in 2015. He used to work for Pakistani army as informer. Despite several warnings he was not willing to break relations from killers of Baloch. All informers and collaborators are warned to give up supporting Pakistani forces and do not force us to treat them like Pakistani army. Pakistan deceives and convinces them on little greed to work against Baloch nation. So that a Baloch can kill another Baloch and Pakistan can use it as a propaganda tool. But BLF treats the informers without any pressure like what they deserve.

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