Thursday, August 31, 2017

At least 10 including five women and children killed

At least 10 including five women and children killed
Three brothers also among the dead

Detailed report
The military operation started yesterday in Shahrag is still underway. Gunship helicopters have heavily bombarded houses belonging to Yar Mohammad Chalgari’s family and relatives. At least 10 including five women and children have been killed in the offensive so far. Many others have also been injured. Reports suggest that the injured have been taken away by the Pakistani security forces.

According to details, the military operation is still underway in different areas of Harnai and Bolan. Many houses have been burnt to ashes in Shahrag and adjoining areas. We have reports that confirm at least 10 people have died and many others have been injured in the offensive. Scores have also been abducted by security forces.

The women killed in the operation have been identified as Bibi Makhmal, Khatt Khatton and Bibi Bano. A teenage girl Mino Bibi and a minor named Jaffar have also lost their lives. 4 other women and children were reported to be injured in the operation. The injured were taken away by the Pakistani security forces.

Three brothers have also been murdered in the indiscriminate shelling by gunship helicopters. These brothers have been identified as Dilwash Marri, Afzal Marri and Rahmdil Marri. These all are sons of Washo Marri. Sabzal Marri Another son of Washo Marri, , was arrested by Pakistani security forces last year and is missing till this date. Two other deceased men have been identified as Bangul Marri s/o Haji Banzul Marri and Kalle Marri. The body of Leemo Marri has also been discovered.

The number of dead or injured could rise as the Nishpa mountainous area, where the operation was conducted, has completely been cordoned off. Pakistani security forces have also refused to handover the bodies of people killed in the operation.

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