Monday, July 3, 2017

What these Sardars would do differently

The real question is what these sardars would do differently if they were to have all the power... They treat ordnary baloch as their slaves

Also  these Sardars call themselves 'sardars' as if they  are some sort of monarchs

You cannot brush under the carpet the role of Baloch politicians and sardar's who are as equal to blame for Baluchistan's lack of progress as the federation of Pakistan. Since 2008 in Baluchistan the government is in hand of one or another baloch sardars (11 out of 14 ministers are Sardars) who themselves enjoy lavish Life in Karachi and Islamabad and doing nothing for the people. Name  a single project or a work done by these politicians, you do not need money for every thing, there should be some will and interest in fixing the common issues of people which always lacked in Baloch leadership who are rivals among themselves and this sardari system has destroyed Baluchistan for decades.

The tribal lords and sardars, now with their kids now educated from geneva and oxford are back again to demand royalties while the poor Baloch suffer.

🔴  These same 'Sardar' NEVER wanted their peons and bonded slaves to be educated. They  squashed numerous, numerous attempts to open schools etc. in Balochistan, throughout the years. Education frees you. It open gates. It empowers you. The 'Sardars' did not want this. The masses had to be kept under their thumbs. Beholden to them, for their daily bread. It is the Sardars, alone, who created this mess in Balochistan. They wanted a feudal society. And thwarted every attempt to modernize a feeble,backward society, region, culture. Take your pick.

And are still doing it.

I would like to mention Bugtis who are getting gas royalty since 6 decades but their people are so poor and Bugti family is having luxurious life here and Overseas - so i think both sides need to change their actions to make Balochistan a real progressive

In the past the state has given billions in royalty to the sardars, the kids of these sardars live in london and benefit from the state paid money, however these very sardars dont invest in anything for their people. How can a state go and make anything in the province when everyone lays claim to the area.

Also in the past the Balochistan Assembly members were paid in millions as development fund. Has anyone asked these baloch leaders as to what happened to the money and how are they able to afford such palaces in dubai and elsewhere.

What we need is the true leadership of baloch people to forego the sardari system, as is needed in Sindh as well.. otherwise a few "noble" men will continue to pit us against each other while reaping the benefits for themselves.

Also Sind provides more gas than Balochistan.

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