Monday, July 3, 2017

Response to Banari Mengal ,Daughter of Sardar Akhtar Mengal

Anonymous Baloch

I read the article of Banari Mengal, daughter of Sardar Akhtar Mengal. On one side she is crying for justice from Pakistan but on the other hand she closes her eyes over his father's complicity and treacherous attitude that have contributed to the Baloch disunity and suffering due to his Sardari narrow minded sick mentality.

She needs to figure out how to fix that Sardari attitude and mentality before she shed crocodile tears for Baloch nation. It is pity to see her father Akhtar Mengal is joining hands with extremist Mullah JUI party to win the next election instead of joining hands with the Baloch nationalist parties to strengthen the Baloch bonds and unity.

How long they are going to fool the ordinary Baloch people with their dirty and ugly games for power grabbing?

Talking about exhausting all available options inside Pakistan for resolving Baloch issue, we Baloch have no hopes on Pakistan Institutions. All institutions of Pakistan including the Parliament, Senate and Judiciary, the Supreme Court, are all hijacked, run and controlled by Pakistan's military.

You can not expect justice from occupiers, who have occupied your land by force, exploit resources.

You can not challenge anything in Pakistan, be it constitutional or non-constitutional, in the Supreme Court or any other court without the approval and permission of Pokistan's Military.

Your complaint, though genuine, Just and constitutional, will not be entertained by the supreme Court or any other court without the permission of military, PERIOD.


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