Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Qadiyani conspiracies in Balochistan

CPEC, a conspiracy against Islam, but religious scholars are silent spectators,

Kardagar Baloch, Daily Tawar, May 30

The Pakistani occupation of Balochistan is illegal, un-Islamic, inhuman and condemnable in every respect. Therefore, the policies adopted by Pakistan to control Balochistan are also illegal, un-Islamic, inhuman and condemnable.

As Muslims and upholders of human rights we should condemn the 40 year long CPEC agreement between China and Pakistan. We should know as Muslims that this plan is grounded on atheism and only prolong the occupation of the Baloch land, and the Baloch people, who are Muslims by faith. If we take a closer look, it appears that the Baloch land has been colonized by the Punjabi-Qaedyani and non-believing Chinese triumvirate. This is not only dangerous for the Baloch nation but it is also posing a critical challenge to Islam as well. There are many reasons for this and I have mentioned those in my bookQadiyani conspiracies in Balochistan” in detail, which will be in market in few months. I will briefly deal with these reasons here.

… As per famous columnist, Muqtada Mansoor, Plato said some 2500 years ago that never choose traders and soldiers as your rulers. The army does not know the nuances of politics and traders will never hesitate to sacrifice national interest to save their own. Balochistan is now being sandwiched between two of them. The Pakistanis have handed over Gwadar for forty years to a cunning trader, read China. It is hard to believe that if a country invests for forty years and shifts its lakhs of population to some area, will that country ever leave that area? If China shifts 0.5 percent of its population to Gwadar and adjacent areas then the whole Baloch population from Gadani to Gwadar will be affected and reduced to a minority in their own land.

The second reason is that China is a faithless nation, though it has started spending cores of dollars on intellectuals to prove that China has been pro-Islam and pro-Muslim throughout the centuries. … China has occupied several countries. Tibet is one of them. The religion of the Tibetans is Buddhism.  But today they are deprived of their culture and language and their religion is  forbidden in their own  land. If they did not get help from India their religion would have died by now. The second such country the Chinese have occupied is Eastern Turkistan, where majority of population is Muslim of Uyghur ethnicity. … The Turkish government has protested to Chinese ambassador in Ankara recently that China has banned observation fast and collective (juma) prayers in Xinjiang, which must be revoked. Like Tibetans, Uyghur Muslims are also protesting under the banner of East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM). Earlier, Hafiz Saeed, Masood Azhar and Zakiur Rahman Lakhvi were helping Uyghur Muslims of Eastern Turkistan and China had protested against this to Pakistan. Ever since the agreement of Gwadar has been finalized, they have withdrawn themselves from the resistance movement of the Uyghurs.

It is strange that if a Muslim is hurt anywhere in the world, our religious scholars say that they feel their pain. Why are they silent on Pakistan’s brutality and genocide of the Baloch in Balochistan? Why are they mum on Chinese atrocities on Uyghur Muslims in Eastern Turkistan? The Chinese atheists and Punjabi- Qadiyani elite of Pakistan are together hatching their conspiracy in Balochistan’s Makran region and our religious scholars are ignorant about this. …  

An advertisement was issued with the signature of three Chinese engineers and three Pakistani officers. It asked people who are skilled to work in several departments to apply for job by 10 June 2017. But the interesting point is that these 291,270 people to be recruited through this advertisement will be employed in Bannu, Laki Marwat, Domel and North Waziristan area only. It raises a question: Why people in huge numbers are being employed in Balochistan from outside Balochistan who are allegedly pro-Taliban and regarded as terrorists? The answer to this question is that they have been trained to perpetrate terror by Pakistan and China and they will be used against the Baloch freedom lovers, and they can also be used against Iran, if required, in future.

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