Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Our Enemy (Dushman)

Our Enemy (Dushman),

Jamal Nasir Baloch, Daily Tawar, May 12

… I feel that the issues related to Baloch national movement and its failure are linked to our lack of understanding of Baloch politics. If one studies the 70 year old Baloch national movement, one realizes that there is no difference between political and personal approach to the Baoch issue. One of the words we often use is dushman, or enemy. Till today, nobody has tried to define who is a dushman for us as political situation is changing all around us.  

… Unfortunately, we do not either know the enemy or ourselves. To win this war we need to know that the Punjabi is our real enemy. These Punjabi Muslims, by assisting the occupying English forces, helped the latter crush the first freedom movement of India in 1857. These Punjabi Muslims also divided their own country (India) in the name of Islam. Later, after establishment of Pakistan, they killed lakhs of Bengali Muslims and raped their women. To break the USSR, they used the Pashtuns in the name of Islam and later sold their self-made Jihadis for a few dollars. When Afghanistan was under Taliban rule, the Punjabis of Pakistan committed genocide in Pashtun areas after taking billions of dollars from Western countries in the name of “war on terrorism” and at the same time got the soldiers of those countries killed in Afghanistan. . The Punjabis used the Pashtuns against their own folks (Pashtuns). Today, they are using the Baloch against Baloch. Freedom fighters in Balochistan have to evolve a sound strategy to deal with the Punjabis only after understanding their cunning nature.

The time has come to stop engaging in fratricidal violence in the name of the obsolete Traibal (Sardari) system and religion, and rather than using force on government employees, contractors and MPs, we should focus on the real enemy, the “Punjabi State”. …


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