Sunday, July 2, 2017

"The claim of Pakistani National Parliament Speaker regarding Japan is bogus. Mr. Shunichi Fujiki

on July 1, 2017

Bolan Times ( Japan ) :  “The recent claim of Pakistani Parliament’s speaker regarding Japan apology for inviting the Baloch politicians is a bogus claim. ” said Mr. Shunichi Fujiki

Talking to the Editor Bolan Time via phone a well known Japanese Human Rights Activist said that recent claim from Ayaz Sadiq, speaker of Pakistan National Assembly that Government of Japan had officially apologized to Pakistan when Government of Pakistan approached Japanese Government regarding some Baloch separatist Speeches in Japan’s Parliament.

Mr. Shunichi Fujiki , An active and famous Human Rights Activist from Japan this morning told the editor of Bolan Times that ” I believe that this claim by the Pakistani official is a “bogus claim.” There is no official visit of the Pakistani speaker of parliament to Japan as far as I know if there had been any official apology from the Japanese government, “then the claimant should have stated the details that how and when that had happened including the manner and the name of the person who apologized on behalf of Japanese government.”

He further said ” Allegedly his visit to Japan was private although I don’t know whether he visited Japan or not. The Japanese Government keeps all the records of it’s statements issued by any official particularly statements issued by any official of foreign ministry to any state. Yet the none in Japan knows that a Pakistani official had claimed such thing against Japan. I am sorry to say that on one side he is visiting Japan and on the other side he is trying to malign Japan by such bogus claims.”

Japan is a country which has been helping all communities for their human rights and humanitarian issues. Therefore, first time in the history the Baloch politicians came to Japan and spoke to a conference inside the senate about the problems of the Baloch people. Which is a highly encouraging particularly for the freedom of expression of the victimized people.

“The people in Japan are enjoying highest level of freedom of speech, freedom of expression as well as have right to the Freedom of Association in Japan. I in my personal capacity do not think that Japan has to get dictations from Pakistan for it’s internal and external policies.” He concluded

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