Thursday, June 22, 2017

Human smuggler arrested in Gwadar

🔴 BalochHouse : Kulbhushan Jhadav is victim of these Human Smugglers , he was kidnapped and sold to ISI agents. Below report indicate that there is a well organized network of Human Trafficking in BALOCHISTAN . The below report is just tip of an iceberg. International Court of Justice should take this into account and attorney of Kulbhushan should present these open source of information that is coming out of Pakistan.


The Newspaper's CorrespondentPublished Jun 14, 2017 06:58am

GWADAR: A human smuggler identified as Jam Nasir was arrested by police on Monday evening while 10 people who were with him at the time were also taken into custody by the authorities.

According to official sources, a police team led by police officer, Zahid Hussain, received a tip-off about the suspect residing in a house in Naiyabad with 10 people who would be taken to Iran without legal travel documents. Police raided the residence and arrested Mr Nasir and took the others into custody.

“We have arrested a human smuggler and 10 people from different areas of Punjab who wanted to go to Iran,” said the police officer, adding that they did not have legal travel documents.

Officer Hussain said that these people had paid large sums of money to an agent to send them across the border. He added that they had been living in the Naiyabad residence for several days

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