Wednesday, May 17, 2017

BNC strongly condemn the killings of innocent Sindhi labors killed by BLA terrorists in Gwadar

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Washington D.C -- Balochistan National Congress (BNC) strongly condemn the killing of innocent Sindhi labors in Gwadar, killed by BLA terrorists. 

"We strongly condemn the killing of innocent Sindhi labors in Gwadar and those who are behind these senseless killings MUST be brought to justice. There is no justification of killing innocent people, PERIOD. Those who think by killing innocent people they will liberate Balochistan, they are seriously delusional, misguided and living in fools paradise", said Dr. Baloch, President of BNC.

He said, "BNC believes that fighting for freedom is a Just cause but terrorism and violence is not. And, what the Baloch militants are doing in Balochistan is terrorism. Their actions have proved again and again to be counterproductive and detrimental to the Baloch cause. In fact, their actions have strengthened the FC's grip and control over Balochistan and its resources in every town and villages and have made the ordinary Baloch citizens hostages in their own homes to live in fear".

He said," there is a clear cut distinction between a freedom fighter and terrorist. A freedom fighter can not and will not harm any innocent person nor destroys infrastructures or any property, while a terrorist will do exactly just that".

He said, "terrorism is terrorism no matter what you call it and it must be condemned in its all forms and shapes in the strongest terms possible. There is no "if" or "but" about it. You kill an innocent person, destroy a infrastructures or a property, you are terrorist, PERID". 

He said, "terrorists can not and must not use terrorism to justify their terrorist activities and actions in the name of liberation movements. Civilized world does not accept or tolerate that". 

He said,"there is a better way to fight for freedom and justice. It is called the nonviolent, peaceful, democratic and civilized way which is more acceptable to the world community". 

He ask all Baloch militants groups to lay down their arms, end their ill-advised and misguided skirmishes, stop killing innocent people, shun the path of violence and militancy and use ONLY civilized, peaceful and democratic means of struggle to secure Balochistan for Baloch people. 

He said, "Balochistan can and will be FREE only through peaceful and nonviolent means of struggle but those who think that they can liberate Balochistan through use of violence and terrorism or by killing innocent people, they are seriously misguided, extremely delusional and living in fools paradise".

He said BNC believe in nonviolent and peaceful means of struggle and is against terrorism and violence in its all forms and shapes

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