Saturday, April 15, 2017

Quote of the day: Mehar Usman

The Pakistani military wants to keep carrying on its business and of course, it wants its monopoly over violence to continue without checks and balances. The feudal lords want to set up shop right opposite. Each sees the other, from their subjective position as an illness for the region of Balochistan. While the objective pathology of the disease lies in their cooperative contention, culminating in the suffering of the average citizen of Balochistan. The business of violence has been nationalised by the Pakistani state but the business of human rights is open to all; the masqueraders and the swindlers are capitalising at the expense of your average Baloch.

Only time will tell if the real solution lies in a ‘free’ Baluchistan, or in the ‘development’  and ‘opportunities’ brought by the CPEC. But in the meanwhile the Pakistani nationalists need to be highly critical of what is really going on in Baluchistan in the name of development, growth and security while the Baluch nationalists need to critically evaluate the rhetoric of a ‘free’ Baluchistan. We need to objectively call out the violations of basic human rights in Baluchistan — demand rights for the people regardless of their ethnic, cultural, or lingual etc. affiliations — whether by state or by tribal leaders. This can only start when we start to empathise with the ‘other’ regardless of his/her identity, extending every individual the most basis right i.e. the right to have rights

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