Friday, April 28, 2017

Assertive China , strategy less US,?

Aron Friedberg , testimony

🔴First: the United States does not now have a coherent, integrated national strategy for the Asia‐
Pacific region and, in particular, it lacks a strategy for dealing with an increasingly powerful and
assertive China.  What we have instead are the remnants of a strategy first put into place over
two decades ago; some aspirational goals and a set of policies and programs intended to
achieve them that are now in varying states of disrepair and which are, in any event, largely
disconnected from one another.

🔴Second: *China, for its part, does have a strategy, not only for the Asia‐Pacific but for all of
eastern Eurasia, including the continental domain along its land frontiers.  That strategy, in
turn, is part of its larger approach to dealing with the United States, which China’s leaders
continue to regard as the greatest threat to their security, and even survival, and the most
important obstacle to their ambitions*

🔴Third: just because Beijing has a strategy does not mean that it will necessarily succeed in
achieving its objectives.  China has many vulnerabilities and liabilities and the United States and
its allies have considerable strengths.  But these should not be a cause for complacency.  We
need to reconsider our goals, review our strategy, and adjust our policies accordingly.  The start
of a new administration provides a window in which to undertake such a review, but it will not
remain open indefinitely

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