Thursday, February 23, 2017

Will Seek Help From India, Iran And Afghanistan For Balochistan’s Independence: Khan Of Kalat

Swarajya Staff - 24 Feb, 2017, 10:25 am

Mir Suleman Dawood Jan Ahmedzai, the current Khan of Kalat.

The Khan of Kalat, Mir Suleiman Ahmedzai, has said that pro-Independence Baloch leaders will approach India, Iran and Afghanistan for help in gaining independence from Pakistan’s repressive rule. Speaking at a seminar in the upper house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, he called Pakistan a “cradle of terrorism” and urged British MPs to take notice of the worsening situation.

“We are a proud nation. We reject foreign domination by the Punjabis. Pakistan was allowed to occupy Balochistan historically. The international community, particularly the British crown, should help us regain our independence,” he said.

Khan of Kalat is the title given to the ruler of the Khanate of Kalat, a princely state that was occupied by Pakistan following independence and merged into the country in October 1955. The region is a part of Pakistan’s Balochistan province.

Speaking at the seminar, he reminded the gathering that his country’s accession to Pakistan was not legal because his forefathers were forced to accept Islamabad’s rule “by the barrel of the gun”.

Talking about the $46-billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, he said that the Baloch people will not benefit from the projects and named it ‘China-Punjab Economic Corridor’ because it benefits only the people of Punjab.

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