Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Prawaal Raman to make a biopic on Naela Quadri Baloch


Bollywood is getting ready for yet another biopic. Filmmaker Prawaal Raman and producer Shantanu Yadav are collaborating to bring alive on screen the story of Naela Quadri Baloch, the much-talked-about freedom fighter from Balochistan. Titled Naela Quadri Baloch ­ War And Peace, the film, to be produced by the two in association with an international studio, is already in pre-production stages.

Interestingly, Brijesh Singh, Inspector General of Maharashtra Police, who has authored the book, Quantum Siege, is also co-writing a book on Quadri along with Prawaal. Quadri, a social and women's rights activist, writer and poet, follows the principles of Mahatma Gandhi and and Martin Luther King Jr to achieve her goals. About choosing to make a movie on her life, Prawaal, who has also completed the official remake of the American Horror film Oculus, said, “It's an inspirational tale of the journey of an extraordinary woman... a rebellious film about peace and freedom.“

Probed further, the filmmaker explained, “Any country that is politically disturbed, is a curse to the civilians living there. Our film is a story about a child born in such a politically disturbed region and her undying spirit to seek peace for the people and future generations. It's about how she chooses non-violence and message of peace.“

What also impressed Prawaal is the bravery of the Baloch people. Talking about seeing the statue of Mir Hammal Jiand, who defeated Vasco DaGama at the Goa museum, he said, “Vasco couldn't reach Balochistan because he lost to Jiand and to honour him, the Portugese built his statue. The bravery of Baloch was a key factor that hooked me when I met Naela. The driving force for me was to tell the story of this iron lady fighting for the one basic thing; freedom that is the right of every individual, irrespective of the country or region heshe comes from.“ He signs off saying the cast would be announced soon.

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