Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Initial reaction to Red Notice to Brahumdagh Bugti ny Shoukat Kashmiri

Initial reaction on Red Notice request to Interpol for Brahumdagh Bugti and Sher Mohammad Bugti has come from Shoukat Kashmiri , Geneva based  Kashmir activist.

He is Exiled, Chairman, United Kashmir People's National Party mainly operated in Pakistan occupied Azad Kashmir.

"Pakistani rulers and their establishment is so ignorant that they requested Interpol for the arrest of two Baloch leader, where as they are the protected citizen. According to Geneva convention 1851 those who applied for asylum due to fear of ill treatment and persecution will not deport or handed over to the respective government. These are false propaganda of Pakistan and try to create mess and fear among dedicated workers of the Nawabzada Brhmdagh Bughti and his colleagues. Interpol will not issue red warrant on behalf of such countries whose human rights record is worest and extra judicial killings and kidnapping by security agencies are routine."

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