Thursday, February 23, 2017

Female education in Balochistan, 2 percent

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February 24, 2017

Sana Samad

Almost 80 per cent of the population of Balochistan is scattered in rural areas. These areas are badly suffering from advance of the modern age and ignored by the authorities. The educational institutions are under-funded and women and girls are deprived of the basic education. It is shocking to mention that the literacy rate of female in rural areas of Balochistan is less than 2 percent.

The women are locked within the four walls and have been given the responsibility of cooking food, cleaning the house, child bearing and rearing and all other domestic support required by the husband and other family members. Everyone knows female education plays a vital role for the development of any nation. Today we are moving toward backwardness because we are not giving any value to the female education, and this is also the main reason of the backwardness of Balochistan as compared to other provinces. I request the concerned authorities to provide funds for the purpose.

BalochHouse : If scattered villages are attacked by merciless army of Pakistan , their homes are burnt and dwelling are destroyed , what can we expect other than dismal low levels of literacy among women.

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