Monday, February 20, 2017

A Mass Grave Discovered and Four People Killed in Dera Bugti:

*GENEVA:* Sher Mohammad Bugti, the spokesman for the Baloch Republican Party has stated in a latest press release that Pakistan Army carried out a deadly military operation in Pasheni area of Dera Bugti on Monday, where Pakistani forces have indiscriminately targeted civil populace.

Mr Bugti said that four people including a woman were mercilessly killed as Pakistan army carried out latest offensive in Pasheni, Dera Bugti. The victims have been identified as Giddhu Bugti, his wife and younger son. While twenty people have taken to undisclosed location by Pakistani forces after being taken in custody. Additionally, more than hundred goat and sheeps of local were also looted and taken away by forces during the operation.

He further said that remnants of six human bodies were recovered in a mass grave in Army operation affected Pasheni region. Several dead bodies including those of women found buried in the mass grave. Remains are believed to be of those Baloch civilians and activists abducted by Pakistan army from various parts of the district during different operations.

It is worth to mention here that this is not the first time that bodies of abducted Baloch activists found in mass graves. On March 25, 2011, dead bodies of Ali Bux Bugti, Shah Bux Bugti, Iqbal Mazari, Rahm Dil Bugti, Koh Dil Bugti and Khetaran Bugti were found buried in a mass grave discovered in Machi, Gorani area near Sui. The deceased were abducted during the December 05, 2010 offensive.

In late January 2014, a shepherd had spotted the grave in Khuzdar’s Totak area, where 179 dead bodies were recovered from the mass grave.

While adding, Mr Bugti said Pakistan army has handed over three dead bodies to local authorities in Jahoo area of Awaran. The identities of the bodies couldn’t been ascertained yet, as the military operation continued in the area.

BRP spokesman appealed to international community and human right groups to act and put an end to the Baloch genocide.

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