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World Trends: Astrological predictions of 2017

Indian Astrology Pandit Omkarnath predictions of 2017 2016 had its share of surprises in form of Brexit, US Poll, demonetization drive in India & terror as well as conflicts all over the world. Even, we all went through at least some major changes in our lives. 2017 also has some very potent and far reaching transits such as the  Saturn  move from Scorpio to Sagittarius & then an un-ceremonial kick back of it into Scorpio that would open a Pandora’s box worldwide. Jupiter would move into Libra & Rahu (the dragon’s head) & Ketu (the dragon’s tail) would shift into Cancer & Capricorn respectively. All these movements promise a very eventful year that could transform your life quite significantly & the 2017 related changes would have far reaching effect on you till 2019 at the least. On a macro level the  world trends  seem to throw some  surprising prospects: Brexit -  A solution might come about after end-January, only to be back tracked around June 2017.

Chinese to outnumber Baloch natives by 2048

| FPCCI report for addressing citizens’ concern regarding marginalisation December 29, 2016 ISLAMABAD -  Given the current rate of influx of Chinese nationals into Balochistan and after the completion of the CPEC the native population of the area will be outnumbered by 2048. To address the concern of the Baloch citizens regarding marginalisation, the government should provide a sense of security to the natives by including them in the legislative process, and by providing them with technical and vocational training to ensure their share in the economic sphere, recommended a report launched by the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI). The report was launched by FPCCI President Rauf Alam at a press conference here on Wednesday. Alam said the government could not separate the representations of the private sector and the main stakeholder of the economy from formulation of a policy regarding the CPEC. He said the FPCCI had constituted an advisory comm

BREAKING: ISIS attacked Baloch freedom fighters camp in Kalat

J ISIS attack Baloch freedom fighters camp in Kalat area of Balochistan , according to reports heavy fight continuing. Sources say LeT , ISIS,  and Pakistan army jointly attacked a camp of Balochistan  Liberation Front  today in Kalat  area of Balochistan. Recent Visit of Hafiz Saeed  to  Balochiatan  is linked to this attack. Casualties are reported. It is said that BRA, BLA, LB, and BLF  has jointly responded to the cowardly attack backed by Pakistani Army and ISI. Baloch and local sources claim more casualties are on Pakistani Army and allies Baloch   freedom fighters from nearby camps have surrounded Pakistani army and it's terrorists groups, source told  to BalochHouse A senior member of BLA  Suleman Baloch attained  martyrdom during clashed as per Baloch sources.